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Floppy Link
24th Jan 2016, 13:29
Folks, please may I pick your brains?
My UK issued JAR-FCL ATPL(A) runs out this year and I'll be converting to an EASA Part-FCL one. For the conversion I'll have current Class One medical, and current SEP, MEP and IR, so not anticipating any probs there.

On the SRG1104 there's a box asking if I would like issue of a national licence, for Annex II type flying. Two questions…

1) is Annex II, permit to fly types? I also fly permit types and a SSDR 3 axis microlight…

2)…is that box all I have to tick or is there another form (and fee!)

This EASA confusion is making my brain hurt. Any help from the experts would be most appreciated…

Thanks in advance,

24th Jan 2016, 16:37
Tick the box, you will receive a UK National ATPL as well, which may or may not be of use, but for £40 its well worth having.

25th Jan 2016, 18:37
And all licences will be lifetime as well .

rgds condor.