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20th Jan 2016, 18:04
I have an EASA PPL that I need to revalidate by experience prior to January 31st. I live in Aberystwyth, which means that getting e.g. to Halfpenny Green to find an examiner isn't the most practical (especially as my aircraft is in Shenington... don't ask!). I'd probably also have to take a 3 year old.

If there are any instructors/examiners who could examine my logbook and autograph it, who happen to live in the area, please could you PM me.

Are there any alternatives - e.g. could I send my logbook to Gatwick?

Genghis the Engineer
20th Jan 2016, 18:12
You do need an hour with an instructor as well, unless you've already done that within the second year of your two year cycle.

I'm not local, but what about Caernarfon? IIRC there's a school there who can do your flight if required, and should have an examiner on staff? That would be what, about a 75 minute drive from Aberystwyth?

Sending your logbook to Gatwick's not an option, but if you have the 12 hours including 1 with an instructor, then posting to a friendly examiner is (or if I were you, posting the licence with a photocopy of your logbook - you can get a new licence printed, but a logbook's rather tougher).

Or if you've already done the instructional flight, check if your instructor has had experience examiner privileges added to their licence (a recent innovation) - in which case, arrange to post it to them.


20th Jan 2016, 18:26
I've got the hours and the instructional flight - just did my tailwheel rating and I've been racing to get 8 hours of PIC time to bring the total for the year above twelve.

I don't have a car, so Caernarfon is 5 or 6 hours away - Google puts it at 75 miles or 2 hours by car. There's someone at Welshpool occasionally, but even that is a day out. I often joke that there are imperial miles, metric miles, nautical miles and Welsh miles - Welsh miles being by far the longest.

Genghis the Engineer
20th Jan 2016, 18:39
If I were you then, I'd phone Caernarfon or better your tailwheel instructor and rely on first class registered post.


20th Jan 2016, 18:43
Drop me a PM.