View Full Version : Cert IV Training & Assessment for Flight Instructors

20th Jan 2016, 00:16
Do you have this qualification? Seems like it is a requirement now, are all flight instructors getting qualified?

20th Jan 2016, 04:04
Im under the interpretation that you are required to have a Cert 4 in TAE if you provide instruction for an RTO.

8th Feb 2016, 04:53
Take a looks at Part 61 E 61.1172 & 61.1185(4)

Basically you don't have to have it if you satisfy one of the other requirements.

All of our instructors have it but that is because we teach under the banner of an RTO as well.

11th Jul 2016, 05:00
I was wondering the same thing. If I have plans to do an initial FIR G3 then would I be smart to enrol in an online Cert IV course and smash that out at the same time?