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18th Jan 2016, 10:04
2 bits of EASA documentation are eluding me at the moment...

Definition of SP HPA
Which parts of Air Operations Reg have been implemented in the UK, and where to find out about the rest?

19th Jan 2016, 10:24
Ok, it seems there is no definition of SP HPCA, but just a list here..

On the Air Operations question, EU 065/2012, I believe that Part CAT was implemented 28/10/2014. Parts NCC & NCO are due 25/8/2016.

Does anybody know about the rest of it?

20th Jan 2016, 13:59
The air operations regulation became effective on the 28th October 2014. Any amendments to it have their own effective dates and the way to check is to open the regulation document and look at the first few pages stating "entry into force" which will tell you the specifics.

Long task I'm afraid but the regulations are changing at a frightening rate!!

20th Jan 2016, 19:48
Thanks for that. Do you mean open docs on the EASA website? This will tell us when they EASA think they have come into force, but won't cover any UK derugations??

21st Jan 2016, 13:08
Ah yes good point sorry I'm not under CAA rule so I forget these things.

You will have to look at the CAA website and find the derogations there, I'm not much help with that I'm afraid.

Complex Aeroplane is In the basic regulation:

Over 5700kg or more than 19 pax or certified for minimum of two crew or turbojet engines/ more than 1 turboprop engine