View Full Version : DC-10 Flap 25 Take-Off?

22nd Jun 2002, 13:03
Does any military pilot who has flown the KC-10/DC-10, ever used flap 25 for take-off? If so what performance advantages if any are there?


23rd Jun 2002, 04:51
We operate the MD11 with Flaps 25 as a fixed flap setting and the "fabulous" dial a flap! As for the benefits, well its certainly better on shorter runways and allows slower takeoff speeds. But as you know that logic applies to all aircraft :)


23rd Jun 2002, 13:14
I flew the DC-10-30 for many years until just recently, and for a number of operators. The highest flap setting normally used for t/o is 20 degrees, which must be selected on the dial-a-flap wheel.
The fixed flap gates are 15, 22, 35 & 50
I never heared of any performance available for, or anyone trying to use, flap 25 for t/o in a DC10. However, thats not to say that it can't be done!


25th Jun 2002, 11:20
Hi guys

What is 'dial a flap'? Is

Is there any difference in operation to the 'normal' Boeing/Airbus flap selection systems?

Any reply greatly appreciated.

25th Jun 2002, 11:38
This is the colloquial term for MDD's excellent takeoff flap selector wheel, which allows on the DC10 / MD11 any flap setting between 1 and 25 degrees to be preselected for t/o.

This allows you to go into the t/o performance tables and choose the flap setting for the highest RTOW, thus "optimising" your t/o performance for a given runway / temperature, and so lift the highest payload off said runway. Hence this proceedure is known as an "optimum flap takeoff", as opposed to using a fixed-gate flap setting.
This system is also fitted to the MD80 series.

Boeings and....ughhh...Airbus simply have fixed flap settings for takeoff.

25th Jun 2002, 19:42
MD-11 dial-a-flap range is between 10 and 25 degrees, and any position can be used during takeoff and approach. 0/Ext, 28, 35 and 50 are fixed flaps/slats settings.

25th Jun 2002, 19:50
Bugg smasher,

Because of the “dial a flap” setting, any performance penalties need to be applied to a fixed flap setting, for example applying corrections for a thrust reverser inoperative on wet/contaminated runways. Can I ask what Flap setting you use for this?

Also what Flap setting would you recommend for a close-in noise monitor with no obstacles surrounding the airport, or for a 7500 ft runway ?



bugg smasher
25th Jun 2002, 21:52

Sorry mutt, I was thinking of the flap 28 takeoff. Disregard all the above, and hand me the engage brain before posting checklist!