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16th Jan 2016, 17:50
Please could someone shed some light on this..

I carried out a PC for SEP renewal today for a pilot in his EV97 Permit aircraft on the basis that ORS4 No.1143 allows training.

Now, rereading Standards 19 (Provision of aeroplanes) and checking Part-OR (which does not state permit aircraft) I have some doubts. So far only tested in C of A so if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

16th Jan 2016, 18:45
I seem to remember some EV97s are microlights. Worth checking that out first. Then, since LPCs are ok in Chippies and Bulldogs I can't see a problem. But don't quote me....................

Genghis the Engineer
16th Jan 2016, 19:12
The microlight / SEP division's the issue if this is for an SEP class rating. So far as I'm aware, you can't test for an SEP class rating in a microlight, or vice-versa (although a current SEP class rating should cover them for microlights so long as they hold an EASA licence and have completed differences training or have microlight grandfather rights).

If he owns it outright, there's no problem with any instruction or testing. If he's a joint owner, there's *probably* no problem, but you'll need to wade into the ORSs to check.

If it's for a microlight class rating, and the EV97 has a Type Approved Permit to Fly (checkable on G-INFO) there's no issue whether it's sole or group owned. That particular issue only comes in if it holds an amateur built PtF (which will include all SEP EV97s).


16th Jan 2016, 19:19
Thanks MrAverage
Checking G INFO lists the AUW as 480kg which means it is not the Microlight version. I guess that being a non EASA aircraft Part OR does not apply anyway, just the ANO.

The holder was renewing his EASA SEP class rating and is a group owner, but I had better check for sure.

16th Jan 2016, 19:40
ORS4 1143 covers the test provided:
4) the person receiving the flying training or testing:
a) is registered as the sole owner of the aircraft; or
b) is a joint owner of the aircraft or a registered shareholder of the company which owns the aircraft; or
c) is the spouse or child of a person specified in subparagraphs a) or b).

16th Jan 2016, 20:55
I found the flying training part but missed the testing so thanks for that. I've got another complicated case coming up so this is a help.