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13th Jan 2016, 14:39

I see from my current issue of 'Pilot' magazine that the CAA have changed the requirement to use a 'certified' aircraft for PPL training. I'm sure that allowing owners and their families to train on 'permit' aeroplanes can only encourage more people to access the private flying community.

However, does this also include helicopters? And I'm thinking here of the Rotorway 162F in particular.

I have posted this question on the 'Private Flying' section but without response. I am hoping the professionals will have the answer!

13th Jan 2016, 17:43
I would be very surprised if that were possible but if you post or move this to "Rotorheads" then you'll be sure to get a swift and potentially scathing response.

13th Jan 2016, 18:31
I think the document you are referring to is ORS 1143 (http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/1143.pdf)dated 27th November. It is a replacement for ORS4-1133 which is revoked. The term aircraft covers both aeroplanes and helicopters.

All training for an EASA licence must be conducted in accordance with the EU Directives and the Explanatary Notes to this ORS state:
If training towards an EASA licence or rating, it will likely have to be done under arrangements entered into with an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) or Registered Training Facility (RTF).
This is a requirement under the EASA Aircrew Regulation for most licences or ratings.
Provided the ATO or RTF is willing to provide instruction in the aircraft, and operate it in accordance with their operational procedures, this is permitted.
The ATO or RTF should be able to advise whether the aircraft is suitable for training towards the licence or rating being sought.
The exemption does not apply to aircraft required to be operated in accordance with CAP 632, since these are addressed by separate arrangements.

14th Jan 2016, 12:14
Thank you. I think I'll pass on re-posting on 'Rotorheads'. I've read some others make that mistake. The words 'Christians' and 'Lions' spring to mind!