View Full Version : Licence Endorsement for IRI?

Mach Jump
2nd Jan 2016, 22:31
How can you tell that an Instructor is an IRI, by looking at their (EASA) Licence?


2nd Jan 2016, 22:35
Not got my flimsy EASA licence to hand at the moment, but is it in the comments box where the lower case letters refer to paragraphs in Part FCL?

2nd Jan 2016, 23:42
In section XII FI (g)(IR) for IR and (g)(R) for IMC, but that is only aplicable to UK issued licences. With a standard EASA licence issued by most other States you cannot tell.

4th Jan 2016, 09:15
Flight Instructor privileges to instruct for the IR are shown in Section XII on the licence as 'FCL.905.FI applies as in (g)' [example in CAP 804 Section 1 Part C Appendix 2 page 49], and to instruct for the IR(R) in UK-issued EASA licences as '(g)(IR(R))'. You can look up each of the letters included in FI privileges in FCL.905.FI which is reproduced in CAP 804, Section 4, Part J, Subpart 1, page 1.

A standalone IRI will be shown in Section XII on a separate line.


Mach Jump
4th Jan 2016, 15:36
Thanks, Guys. That's cleared up some confusion for me.


18th Jan 2016, 13:45
Mine contains both entries. IRI as a separate entry and the paragraph g entry as part of my FI.

8th Feb 2016, 00:15
it varies throughout the EASA member countries.
I have seen a lot of licences and it realy varies.
In old JAR-FCL licences, there was usually only FI(A) rating with no other privileges and IRI(A) rating if the holder was only IRI(A) instructor. If the holder was FI(A), we always had to take a look into his pilot logbook for training and checked the skill tests forms to proove he has passed the JAR-FCL1.330(d) requirement. It was really a big mess in this!

In EASA (PART-FCL) licences, the endorsments varies.
If holder is just IRI(A) holder, it is simple.
If he is an FI(A) holder, there must be specification of the FI(A) privileges. For example Czech pilots, they have just FI(A) endorsment in the licence and separate A4 letter sheet with the detailed privileges, which is called Instructor certificate.

Some other countries, eg Slovak republic they have FI(A) endorsment and also the privileges detailed explained directly in the licence. eg. FI(A) FCL.905(g) EIR(A), FCL.905(g) IR(A)

Some other countries, eg. Austria, they have FI(A) endorsment and also the privileges detailed explained directly in the licence. eg. FI(A) - IR

if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.