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17th Dec 2015, 00:03
I'm curious to know how the SFE's handle the conduct of the mandatory 'Pilot Incapacitation' exercise during an LPC/OPC.

In the helicopter world we do not have the ability to check a crew. Each pilot must be tested individually so there is an inherent problem for the SFE as he can only test the PF. To test for the 'pilot incapacitation' would therefore require the PM to 'fail' in some way which is not far off a pointless exercise. All the PF has to do is demonstrate that he has the wherewithal to get the aircraft safely back with no support from the PM. But how do you test the recognition of incapacitation when the person who is supposed to fail to respond is the PM?.

OK so far but......

..... we all know that the real test if you have a pilot incapacitation incident is when the PF falls over and the PM must now identify that he is non responsive then take control and demonstrate that he can get down safely from his seat.

This is important in our world because we have no seat restrictions as in FW so the commander may occupy either seat. The display layout on the left is the reverse of the right so the ability to fly an instrument approach from the LHS would therefore be a key skill worthy of inclusion in the LPC/OPC

It seems a bit of a confused mess. What are others out there doing, FW or RW?

G. :confused:

17th Dec 2015, 10:58
mandatory 'Pilot Incapacitation' exercise during an LPC/OPC.

Is it mandatory? In the CAA SRG1173 form, section 4 says "mandatory minimum of 3 items from this section", one of which is Pilot Incapacitation.

Generally I found many pilots were incapacitated before even entering the simulator......:E

17th Dec 2015, 11:06
You are right it is one of a selection of items that may be chosen by the examiner but for the SFI preparing the candidate he has to cover that just in case it becomes one of the three. In that respect and from my point of view as the SFI it becomes a mandatory 'rehearsal' to ensure everyone is singing from the same hymn-sheet.

The thing is, how do we actually do it in practice and make sense of it as a valuable evolution?

G. :ok:

18th Dec 2015, 06:49
It's easy in the aeroplane world, crew are tested together and so a private communication to incapacitate one and then assess how it is dealt with by the other pilot in accordance with company procedures.

Empty Cruise
20th Dec 2015, 14:20
More interesting set-up is to incapacitate PF - but one of many set-up used to evaluate the quality of monitoring delivered by PM...