View Full Version : The strike that didn't matter!

20th Jun 2002, 22:55
Just got back from Alicante, and pleased to report to problems! Apron almost empty, and we turned arround in less than 40 mins! Did anybody else have an easy day? JMC and MYT seemed to have re-timed, perhaps a little gloomy?

21st Jun 2002, 00:43
Only training as a pilot at the mo, but my mum flew to athens yesterday from Lhr no probs and back again no probs.....

21st Jun 2002, 07:36
I heard that MYT had retimed - but jmc didnt.

Everywhere was quiet though. 1hr 20 mins in ACE wasnt too bad. Radio was like a night flight in the winter tho...

21st Jun 2002, 07:45
Tell that to the estimated 80,000 Britons who were affected.

Eighty per cent of Iberia flights and 50% of British Airways' flights were cancelled.

Thomsons flew just nine of its 48 scheduled flights, while MyTravel flew just six of its 54.


21st Jun 2002, 09:00
I went to Malaga yesterday - we were the only jet movement in the hour we were on the ground. The ground staff said that they thought the cancellations were daft - 'we're working normally today, the strike's only in the city!' We ran all our spanish services without any delays.

21st Jun 2002, 14:09
In ACE yesterday evening, turnround was 60 mins. The cleaners would only take away the rubbish bags and do a bit of desultory mopping; the luggage loaders were apparently on a go slow, noticeable by the unusually safe speeds they were driving at. Agree that the airwaves were remarkably quiet. Arrived back at LGW 45 mins ahead of schedule!

In trim
21st Jun 2002, 21:09
Mixed feelings as to whether the cancellations were over the top or not. However, each airline had minimum service levels applied to it. It was quite clear to us that the handling agents were behaving themselves as long as airlines kept to this (which meant the unions had achieved what they wanted.)

On investigating whether we thought we could get away with an extra flight into one airport (which caused particular problems to re-time) it was obvious that if we were to try to operate this, we risked getting a union backlash which would affect all our flights all day. Decided not to take the risk.

21st Jun 2002, 21:11
Malaga was dead today also! Was expecting to see every charter airline and ad-hoc a/c down there!! Perhaps the 600m Fog kept the punters away :)