View Full Version : Gulf Air Airbus A330 at Heathrow, 13th December

13th Dec 2015, 16:39
Gulf Air is tweeting about an emergency descent and landing at LHR today. Notably, the flight carried only 89 passengers. Rather light load.

Anyone know any details of the incident itself?

13th Dec 2015, 19:05
Don't know the reason but on Planefinder the aircraft rapidly descended to 8000 ft over the North Sea. Pressurisation????

13th Dec 2015, 19:17
Gulf A332 near Oostend on Dec 13th 2015, loss of cabin pressure (http://avherald.com/h?article=490c28ed)

13th Dec 2015, 19:19
If they'd had in air wifi they could have got another copy from the iplayer

15th Dec 2015, 20:07
Mrs C was on board in economy. The crew were collecting the headsets in when there was a prerecorded emergency announcement, the oxygen masks dropped, the crew dissapeared, presumably to positions, and the masks were used for about 20mins but came off prior to landing. She reported a smell not unlike burnt plastic. Other than that, not much else to say apart from the fact that several pax appeared terrifed, and one vomited.

Metro man
15th Dec 2015, 23:37
The smell was probably from the oxygen generators which use a chemical reaction to create O2. Considerable heat is given off during this reaction which is why most countries forbid their carriage as air cargo after the AirTran/Valujet crash.

16th Dec 2015, 12:37
... and what then happens to the 'plane and its outbound flight? Was/could it be reworked at LHR or does it have to be flown to base, re-certified etc before it can take SLF again?

16th Dec 2015, 13:57
Departed at midday today back to Bahrain as GF006D.