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12th Dec 2015, 19:04
We set off this afternoon to submit an online application for the initial issue of an EASA PPL(A).
Found they'd revamped their website, so managed to find the online application link without too much trouble, as for the link to the full list of forms - no chance. CAA website internal search function, still a total waste of time, had a Google and that brought a link that worked.
The problem I still have, is finding the PPL application course completion certificate that they need uploaded with the form. Specifically, the one with all the exams/hours/medical/cross-country details on it, not SRG 1107 or 1119D.
It used to be printable from a link in the application process, now all you get is an unhelpful page, saying you need one, but not telling you where to get one.:*
If you google it, there is a link, but the page it takes you to is gone.:ugh::ugh::ugh:

Anybody know whereabouts on the CAA website it's hiding now please?

12th Dec 2015, 21:57
I think you're looking for this form : http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/SRG1105AFFenabld.pdf

Here is the link to the list of flight crew licensing forms of the CAA :
List of Flight Crew Licensing Forms (http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?catid=33&pagetype=65&appid=11&mode=list&type=formcat&id=30)

Hope it will help you :)

13th Dec 2015, 10:12
Thanks, but no, what I'm looking for is the course completion certificate we have to upload with the online PPL application, not the print and post application form.

13th Dec 2015, 11:11
I just had similar trouble with the site. My favourite no longer takes me to the old list of licensing forms. I eventually found another list that includes dozens of other publications that come above them on a really long list.

Searching for CAA answers to questions in google (which used to work far better than the CAA search engine) still produces many CAA links but none of them work anymore.

The site's probably being revamped by the same scoundrels that messed with the Met Office Aviation web pages.....................

13th Dec 2015, 11:22
Just tried nine other of my favourites that used to take me to CAA web pages, none of them work anymore either. Did manage to find the old list of licensing forms though.

13th Dec 2015, 13:31
Most of the shortlinks appear to still work such as:

List of Flight Crew Licensing Forms - caa.co.uk/fclforms (http://www.caa.co.uk/fclforms)
CAP 804: Flight Crew Licensing - caa.co.uk/cap804 (http://www.caa.co.uk/cap804)

www.caa.co.uk/standardsdocuments no longer works - the FEH and Standards Documents are here:

Standards Documents (http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?catid=1&pagetype=65&appid=11&mode=list&type=sercat&id=22)


13th Dec 2015, 17:17
From what I can see you are meant to scan and send the form provided by the ATO/RF
What to include with your form

For any application, you will need to scan in and attach the following documents to the online form:

A certified copy of personal photographic ID, one of the following:
A passport
An EU driving licence
A national identity card
A course completion certificate(s) indicating you have completed the training necessary for your application
Examiner’s report form from your skill test

13th Dec 2015, 19:33

Yes, exactly! Why do they have to meddle with stuff that isn't really broken? It's not like there isn't plenty of real issues for them to try and improve. :ugh::ugh:
Was anyone actually complaining about the previous version/layout of their website? At least we were used to it and kind of knew where stuff was, their internal search was, always has been and still is utter ****E of course.


Thanks for those, I have found the forms list again, but as far as I can see the PPL application CCC isn't on it, not that it ever has been as far I know.


Indeed, so back to my original question, where do I (as the ATO/RF) get the required CCC form, now the CAA IT monkeys have removed all trace of it from their "new & improved" website?

13th Dec 2015, 20:13
where do I (as the ATO/RF) get the required CCC formFrom the approved Training Manual, but of course most RFs won't have one. AFE do a package with all of the necessary forms you could use.

In the middle of the FRTOL application page I found this!!!! (http://www.caa.co.uk/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=4294977976)


An unidentified unnumbered certificate!

13th Dec 2015, 21:16
I was looking for forms and standards docs on the mobile friendly site which now makes it impossible to find any docs.

Maybe it will take time to get used to it but so far unimpressed.

13th Dec 2015, 21:18
I was looking for the written exam answer sheet. Any links anyone?

14th Dec 2015, 05:50
I was looking for the written exam answer sheet

Likewise, no luck so far. We've tried to keep the original as far as possible to make sure our copies don't get too 'tired', but inevitably, a copy gets used to make a copy and so forth. I think the advice to examiners is to make copies ourselves. Maybe it'll all get washed away early in 2016 when exams all go on-line. (Yeah, right!)


14th Dec 2015, 07:15
There is a feedback link on the website, tell them what is wrong, unless we do, it won't improve.

14th Dec 2015, 21:26

That's the one, thanks for the link.

Feedback: don't the CAA read pprune?:E

15th Dec 2015, 19:54
I've seen that form and used it a few times, but why is it needed for the PPL application when the relevant information is on the PPL application form.
I can understand if it's been issued as a sort of checklist.
Never had an application rejected without it.

Mach Jump
15th Dec 2015, 20:26
It's only for use with 'online' applications, and I have had one refused without it.

I think that, having introduced online applications, they suddenly realised that it was impossible to have the Examiners sign forms 'online', and hurriedly invented this form, which you have to print off and send. Then they complicated matters further by calling it a 'Course Completion Certificate'. (Not to be confused with the 'Course Completion Certificate' we already use, as this new 'Course Completion Certificate' is filled in after the Skills Test!)

It used to be found hidden in a link in the text of the PPL online application process, but, fearful that more of us were working out where it was hidden, it seems that they have now moved the link to the FRTOL page.

As Whopity says, it has never had a form identification number, nor is it listed in the list of licensing forms.

You really couldn't make this stuff up.:*


15th Dec 2015, 22:18
The FRTOL Application page is also full of errors:
EASA licensing regulations
Flight radio telephony operator licence apart from the spelling mistake, its a National Licence!National licences but its not mentioned there! Then:To apply for a FRTOL limited to Very High Frequency (VHF) operations only, you must have:

a pass in the High Frequency (HF) written examinations Clearly a firm grasp of the technical issues here; Wrong again! Then:Application for Initial Issue of xxxx and a Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence

You will need to enter:

- Medical certificate details Presumably NIL because you don't need a medical certificate to exercise the privileges of a FRTOL Art 72!

Come on Mr Haynes GET A GRIP!!!!

16th Dec 2015, 06:12
and I have had one refused without it.



19th Dec 2015, 16:04
Ok, I completed their online feedback form as suggested, wonder if I'll get a response?