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8th Dec 2015, 10:11
The operator of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, Malaysia is looking for the owner of three Boeing 747-200F that have been left on its tarmac. The airport had put an advertisement in a local newspaper after failing to trace the owner of the three commercial planes.
In the classified section of The Star newspaper, the airport operator Malaysia Airports (Sepang) Sdn Bhd, put out the notice, stating that it was seeking the owner under the Civil Aviation Act 1969. The owner has 14 days from the date of the publication to claim his aircraft.
"If you fail to collect the aircraft within 14 days of the date of this notice, we reserve the right to sell or to set off any expenses and debt due to us under the said Regulations," the notice warned.
It also added that the owner is due to pay the airport operator certain charges but did not give further details. The Malay Mail, which spotted the advertisement and did a story, speculated that the charges could relate to fees for keeping the aircraft at its bays. The notice however did not say how long the planes have been left parked at the airport nor much the charges will be.
The three Boeing aircraft are:
an off-white 747-200F with the registration number TF-ARM and parked at the KLIA Bay B61
a white 747-200F with registration number TF-ARN parked at the KLIA Bay B61; and
a white 747-200F with registration number TF-ARH parked at KLIA Bay M3.
The owner of the aircraft has been advised to contact Zainol Mohd Isa at the airport.

8th Dec 2015, 10:51
you'd think they would ask the last operator? Air Atlanta show TF-ARM 22363 as having been stored since April 2010, they might just have an idea who they either leased it from for the 7 years they operated it or who they sold it to if they indeed owned in that time?

Seems Air Atlanta operated them on behalf of MAS and all three have been stored since 2010.

Can't be too hard to find the legal owner.....although if the owner is on for 5 years of storage, then they'll hide like hell, 35 year 747 stored for 5 years will have zero value and cost them a packet to dispose of as well as owing the strorage

8th Dec 2015, 10:55
They do know the owners, it's a required step in the legal process before seizure and/or disposal of a property.

8th Dec 2015, 11:03
seizure and/or disposal of a property.


Visions of chaining it to the ground and then putting a for sale sign on the cockpit window

Eastwest Loco
8th Dec 2015, 11:28
Just park them on the grass beside a major roundabout with a price and a mobile number in the window.

They will go in no time flat.



8th Dec 2015, 13:08
I'll take an engine and find some creative use for it !

8th Dec 2015, 13:30
How much would they fetch as a 747 and as scrap ?

8th Dec 2015, 13:46
2-3 million $

8th Dec 2015, 13:53
You have to ask what level of competence by the airport accountants has allowed a parking bill to build up unpaid for 5 years before they do something about it.

8th Dec 2015, 14:05
It is not that uncommon. They do make for interesting stories though...

Back in the early noughties there was an AN-124 parked at EHBK for years. It had passed through multiple sub-leases to various dodgy outfits in the former Soviet Union - its most recent sorties had involved flying duty free European cigarettes into Kazakstan... needless to say the operators saw airport fees as an optional cost and as soon as they had made enough flights to retire, they disappeared... Eventually Antonov itself stepped in, flew in a new set of engines, pumped up the tyres and flew it home.

(Over 5,000 people watched its departure. I can only assume in case it crashed after so long on the ground.)

In CYQT a 747SP Global Peace Ambassadors biz-jet suddenly appeared, fleeing US creditors. It too sat around for months, then just as suddenly vamoosed. Seems they cxl'd their flight plan and flew it (VFR!!!) to Mexico where it sat in the desert for long-overdue repairs. It was the one the Chinese took supersonic - apparently it never flew straight afterwards! :E

If only planes could talk...

8th Dec 2015, 14:58
'$2-3m' - I don't think so

More like $150,000 each IF you decontaminate the Ali. Such are the values of aircraft scrap metals these day.

The profits, no doubt, will need to be shared with the airport, which wont leave much and certainly not a financial killing assuming the aircraft are broken in a cost efficient manner.

Hardly worth getting out of bed for all the effort needed.

handsome goafer
8th Dec 2015, 20:16
What about the 727 at Faro? Been there a few years

back to Boeing
8th Dec 2015, 21:24
That was Mobutu's wasn't it? At least that's the rumour I heard when I was there last.

Metro man
9th Dec 2015, 02:05
Keep one as a training aircraft for the fire and rescue services, as for the rest ? Scrap metal, I doubt the log books are to be found which will decimate any remaining value.

The Iranians might be interested as they have a few 1970s vintage jumbos flying, but with the easing of sanctions I think they can buy certain items directly from Boeing now.

9th Dec 2015, 06:42
It actually seems to be more common than you'd think. I recall a 747SP (P4-AFE) being scrapped at ELLX in 2002 after being parked for 3 years with the owner allegedly unable to pay a large repair bill, and another 747 (VP-BXC) scrapped after being parked for nearly 6 at the same airport, with the owner being bankrupt and the plane deemed not airworthy after landing.

Luxemburger Wort - Stranded Boeing 747 to be scrapped (http://www.wort.lu/en/luxembourg/findel-airport-stranded-boeing-747-to-be-scrapped-538462b9b9b398870802c050)

9th Dec 2015, 07:17
Just park them on the grass beside a major roundabout with a price and a mobile number in the window.

They will go in no time flat.
Gate guardian!
Or also, it could be used as a trainer for Unusual Attitude Recoveries...

9th Dec 2015, 07:36
A lot of airports seem to have carelessly discarded aircraft lying about.
There's been an MD80 (Not Iberia) near the original control tower at BCN for years.

9th Dec 2015, 07:43
P4-AFE ex Air Atlanta TF-ABN? VIP config. featured in a Jeremy Clarkson program. Last time I saw it a Lux could easily have been a fish farm with the amount of water in it :{

Metro man
9th Dec 2015, 09:44
A lot of airports seem to have carelessly discarded aircraft lying about.

You want to see Jakarta WIII, parts of it resemble a scrap yard.