View Full Version : Links Air new route?

4th Dec 2015, 21:28
How does an airline with it's AOC suspended for the 'safety of the public' get awarded a government contract? New route announced starting Spring 2016 between Oxford and Edinburgh (google it!)
:ok:Flights between Oxford and Edinburgh to begin next spring (From Oxford Mail) (http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/14119026.Flights_between_Oxford_and_Edinburgh_to_begin_next_ spring/)

Bit like losing my driving licence for drink driving and then getting paid to drive a taxi?? Gotta love those ministers, they have their fingers on the pulse.:ugh::ugh:

Another cowboy operator......

5th Dec 2015, 09:36
I guess links is just selling the tickets and another airline is operating the flight

5th Dec 2015, 14:30
Do we officially know why they lost their AOC ?

5th Dec 2015, 14:41
So are they just going to become another non airline airline with no accountability when things go wrong as we've seen with a previous non airline masquerading like an airline?

6th Dec 2015, 18:32
The route hasn't been announced (success in the bidding process for funding has), it's not a government contract (it's launch funding) and they haven't lost their AOC (it's suspended).

6th Dec 2015, 21:32
But the aircraft which had a collapsed gear at DSA how long ago is still at DSA awaiting repair ....