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20th Jun 2002, 09:47
What we all feared has finally come true:

The U.S are now desecrating the victims of 9/11 by using them as an excuse to undermine european data protection laws.
I appeal to all of you out there: Contact your country´s politicians or legal bodies to react to this.

Here a quote of what you are expected to sign if you have to go for training in the USA:

Authorization for the release of information
By submitting this form, I hereby authorize the U.S. Department of justice to obtain any information relevant to my request for flight training from any relevant source, including but not limited to,individuals, public sources and government sources. This information may include but is not limited to bibliographical, financial,law enforcement, and intelligence information.

I further autorize any individuals having information pertinent to my request for training to release such information to a duly accredited representative of the Department of justice.
The authorization set fort in this paragrahp is valid for five (5) years from the date on wich it is signed, or upon my written tremination, whichever is sooner.

I further autorize the U.S. Department of justice to disclose any records or information relating to, or obtained in connection with my request for training to: any agency contractors assisting with the determination of risk; to other federal, state and local agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration; to other individuals or entities potentially having information related to the request, including but not limited to employers and training providers.

I further autorize the release of information relating to, or obtained in connection with my request to any law enforcement or intelligence authority or other agency or public authority with relevant jurisdichtion where such information reveals a vilolation or a potential vilolation of law or a risk to aviation or national security.

I further autorize the release of such information to flight training providers or other members of the public where such is deemed necessary by the Department of justice to fullfill a statutory or regulatory function, or for any law enforcement or national security purpose.

I certify that i am the individual in whose name this training request form is submitted. I understand that this is a legally binding document, and that false statements by me in this submission are violations of federal law and may lead to criminal prosecution or legal action.

signature date

20th Jun 2002, 12:36
Sorry don't really have too much of a problem with that.

I do have a serious problem with the most naive US approach - because this will not stop a single dedicated fighter for a cause to learn to fly - because they will lie and probably will not be caught out until its too late.

But that is the price of the "brave new world" is forcing upon us, by those of them who still believe in the right to have freedom for a cause, whatever it be, and those who believe that they live in/under a free and just regime of their own choice.

Ha something Ha ! :confused: :confused:

20th Jun 2002, 14:37

Under data protection laws your information is protected unless you sign away / agree /consent to information being given to other parties.

In this case you have a choice. I assume it is if you don't sign no training, if you do sign you consent to the information you give being shared with or given to others.

It is a sign of the times but there is a whole lot of anti terroism laws etc that permit a whole range of people to access our personal data without our agreement.

At least in the instance you quote you have the choice.Not much of a choice but nevertheless a choice.

20th Jun 2002, 17:03
Well Fish, unless you are doing something illegal in your living-room, I'm sure you wouldn't mind a CCTV camera installed there. Or...

Lou Scannon
21st Jun 2002, 19:37
To me this increase in US Government prying is a bit like the issue of sub-machine guns to the UK airport police some years ago.

I don't like it one little bit, but instead of blaming the respective government I lay the responsibility at the feet of the terrorists who have created that need.

I can also argue the case for pre-emptive strikes against the b*******!