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22nd Nov 2015, 21:00
Six months ago, on 23 May, Singapore Airlines flight SQ836, an A330 en route from Singapore to Shanghai, reportedly lost power in both engines and 4000m of altitude before recovering and landing safely. There were many news reports at the time and the airline said it was launching an investigation, but I've been able to find no news since. Does anyone know how the matter was resolved?

Here's a sample news story:
Singapore Airlines jet plunges 4,000m after losing power in both engines | World news | The Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/may/27/singapore-airlines-jet-plunges-4000m-after-losing-power-in-both-engines)

23rd Nov 2015, 00:58
Unfortunately anything to do with public companies or government related issues in Singapore is on a need to know basis. They probably have not found a low paid maintenance worker or a foreigner to blame, so do not expect anything. :ugh:

23rd Nov 2015, 06:28
There was this but also dated..
Incident: Singapore A333 near Hong Kong on May 23rd 2015, temporary loss of power on both engines (http://avherald.com/h?article=486d5637)

23rd Nov 2015, 09:26
Rumour is....there was a subsequent manual shutdown of one of the engines after a re-start attempt due to slow spool up. Can happen at high altitude.

23rd Nov 2015, 12:53
de-pairing of engines might imply that they both had been in-service for a long time.

Probably not the cause by itself.

29th Apr 2016, 16:44
Any news about this curious incident?