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22nd Nov 2015, 13:51
Hello Everybody!:)
I have decided to open this thread, hoping to help other chaps.
My MEP-IR will expire in a few weeks and I'd like to save costs.
My consideration:
As many guys I obtain my licence with a big effort and now I don't want to allow it to lapse. At the sametime I reckon it is an expensive step.:O
I was wondering if.....
I could revalidate my SEP-IR then convert it in MEP-IR or
Let me know if I am wrong;

I can revalidate ME-IR through a sim session/test.
I can revalidate MEP with a flight hours training/test.

REVALIDATION SEP-IR then convert it to MEP-IR:
I have to do at least one hour of IR flight/test in SE aircraft and I will have my SEP-IR
......I don't know the future step to convert it to MEP-IR.:)

Could you suggest me the best solution?

Have a great time

22nd Nov 2015, 13:58
Hi Marcofly,

are you likely to need an ME-IR in the coming months? If not, maybe its best to keep SE-IR then renew ME as/when you need it?

22nd Nov 2015, 14:20
Hi Mikul10,
Thank you for your reply.
What would I do, if I did first SEP-IR?
Which is the next step to convert SEP-IR in MEP-IR?:O


22nd Nov 2015, 15:02
As you hold a ME IR you can revalidate it as SE or ME. So long as it is valid you hold a current IR, assuming you revalidate as SE, then all you need to do is an IR Prof Check in a ME aeroplane to bring back the ME privileges. If you have let the MEP Class rating expire, it is slightly more complicated as you will need to go to an ATO to get a MEP Course Completion Certificate. You could combine the Class Rating test with the IR renewal.

22nd Nov 2015, 18:11
Whopity and TangoAlphad,
Thank you for your invaluable help.:ok:
You've got the point of it!
I don't want to give up on my MEP rating so
I will revalidate my MEP-IR soon.
It'll be more expensive but I won't have future regret at least!



23rd Nov 2015, 09:39
Under EASA SE-IR and ME-IR are to different ratings.
If you had an JAA license you would have grandfather rights for the SE-IR if you hold a ME-IR. If you have EASA license by just doing the ME-IR skills test you would only be allowed to fly ME in IMC, you would have to do a SE-IR skills test to do so on a SE.
If you do a ME-IR with 3 approaches you can use that to cross-credit for your SE-IR. Assuming you still had a valid SE-IR

23rd Nov 2015, 10:19
Hi Edgington,
Thank you for your post.
After reading all of your post and gathering some information,
I have decided to revalidate my MEP-IR.
I know, it's an expensive option but I don't want to frustrate my effort.
Furthermore revalidating the SEP-IR then convert it into MEP-IR would become a crazy cost!



25th Nov 2015, 10:18
Hi Edgington.

Don't think that is correct - My IR states IR/SP-ME class/SE


25th Nov 2015, 11:51
Hi EchoSierra,

I had to take the Dutch CAA to court, to get my SE-IR back. And what I said in my previous post is in line with the courts ruling.

To clarify it depends on when you got your license and the skills test. My problems existed because my flight school did all the IR on a MEP. I had a JAR-FCL license and JAR-FCL states:
the privileges of a holder of a multi-engine IR(A) are to pilot multi-engine and single-engine aeroplanes under IFR with a minimum decision height of 200 feet (60 m).

So if you had a JAA license with grandfather rights you got on your EASA license a SE-IR as well as your ME-IR.

New EASA rules state the following:
For a multi-engine IR(A), the skill test shall be taken in a multi-engine aeroplane.
For a single-engine IR, the test shall be taken in a single-engine aeroplane. A multiengine centreline thrust aeroplane shall be considered a single-engine aeroplane
for the purposes of this paragraph.

So the court said that they are now 2 different ratings as it were. No where in the Part-FCL does it state that a ME-IR is also valid as a SE-IR.

So for the people who are getting their ratings under EASA it makes a difference if you only use a ME aircraft to get your IR. It's no longer also valid for SE aircraft.

Most people first do a IR skills test on a SE then do their ME & IR. For them it's not a problem.

Then for revalidation:
Cross-credit shall be given in accordance with Appendix 8 to Part-FCL.

Which means doing 3 approaches on your check. Then the SE-IR can be revalidated at the same time.

25th Nov 2015, 13:27
The three approaches would have to be on the SE and could not be part of the prof check on the multi.

25th Nov 2015, 15:58
Most people first do a IR skills test on a SE then do their ME & IR. For them it's not a problem. I disagree, most people do their initial IR on a ME; I only know of a handfull of people who have done the IR on a SE!
The three approaches would have to be on the SE and could not be part of the prof check on the multi. That would seem logical but not according to App 8* Provided that within the preceding 12 months the applicant has flown at least three IFR departures and approaches on an SP class or type of aeroplane in single pilot operations,No differentiation between SE Class and ME Class or Type!

25th Nov 2015, 17:48
Hi Guys,
Thanks for pointing to this useful information.
Furthermore I want to add
You can revalidate your ME-IR in the simulator on alternate years(....as long as the last revalidation/renewal or initial skill test was performed in the aircraft).
So people like me, with last revalidation ME-IR in a sim,must do a flight test if they want to revalidate their ME-IR, regardless MEP.
Let me know if I am wrong.


26th Nov 2015, 07:43
You are correct, at least every alternate revalidation shall be conducted in an aeroplane.

Looking at App 8, it appears the credit for SE from ME has changed in the latest amendment by the addition of an asterisk, is that a typo I wonder? Previously it said:
Prof check in: SP ME class rating, operated as single-pilot - Credit for: SE class and type rating, and SP ME class, and SP ME non-high performance complex aeroplane type rating

26th Nov 2015, 09:42
If the new rules come into force (still in consultation) then that sim revalidation will be useless as you will be required to hold a current class or type rating to have it revalidated and hence, it will be cheaper to do a combined class and IR prof check.

My understanding of the cross credit was that the approaches were required to be flown in the class or type that you were not checking, rightly or wrongly. As it transpires I was unable to claim cross credit anyway as my SEP was revalidated by experience and not prof check hence was not accepted by the authority. I subsequently renewed the ME/IR.