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19th Jun 2002, 18:33
I work as a pilot for a Scandinavian company, eyesterday i read the truth about how the working conditions are at Ryanair, it was sent to the Swedish pilot union anonumusly. It was shockingly to read, the pilots who wrote this said that they sent it to every country that Ryanair fly to. So have any of you out there read this? If only a fraction of this is true we all got to stop this company once and for all, before there will be an accident. I am sure this will get in to the big newspaper here in Scandinavia.

Joyce Tick
19th Jun 2002, 18:57
Exactly how, Fizze, do you know you read ""the truth"- eh ???

19th Jun 2002, 20:01
Hey Slim Shady,

your answer could have been coming from Don O`Leary himself.
How about reading the bold fat letter`s at the bottom of every page ??
Regardless of the message, containts of someone`s post your statement is definetly unacceptable.

19th Jun 2002, 20:04
Looks like Slim wisened up a little and deleted his stupid post!