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13th Nov 2015, 18:20
Evening guys , A new one to us ...
A UK guy , UK owned medical , expired UK issued JAR PPL , current UK issued Easa PPL .
Lives / works in Norway , Norwegian wife , kids ; flies in Norway , LN a/c , on his Easa PPL .
Had heard that he could not do his 1 hr Instructor flight with a Norwegian Instructor , nor get his licence reval signed by a Noggie Examiner .

Is that correct ?

'Cos we had to push to fit him in with an instructor today , and luckily had an examiner to sign his licence as he was only passing through .
Hope he can do it next time in Norway , 'cos to me that's wot Easa should be all about !

rgds and thanks for any top tips .


Mach Jump
14th Nov 2015, 10:51
Any EASA Instructor can do the required one hour training for revalidation, but only UK appointed Examiners (And also now, some UK Instructors) can perform the 'administrative action'(sign the Licence, and complete the paperwork) required to Revalidate an SEP Class Rating on a UK issued EASA Licence.
Foreign Examiners can, in theory, apply to the UK CAA for authorisation to do this, but I don't know of any who have.


14th Nov 2015, 18:52
MJ , thanks for the info . I've been digging deeper and 'tis not easy for him in the future . Maybe transfer his ''owning'' CAA to Norway .

Do licence prof check in Norway and get Noggie examiner ok'd to sign his licence .

Send licence et. al. to UK CAA and pay them to sign licence .

Or do as now , on a UK visit fly and get signed ...wx , examiner permitting ..

rgds condor

15th Nov 2015, 03:24
The bad secret behind is - EU is no 'state' and ICAO requires all Part.FCL PPL administration to be done by the state issuing. Yes, they stamped EASA on top, but it is still national licensing.

If that guy permanently moved to Norway, there are two ways. Either arrange with a fellow examiner to get listed as UK examiner (could make sense if more pilots around in need of a UK checkride) or transfer the license to Norway CAA (check requirements before, i.e. data protection and medical handling before to decide feasibility).

16th Nov 2015, 08:36
Thanks CH , thought this mess was what Easa was designed for .. Obviously not .My thoughts were coming around , but thanks for clarifying and reinforcing them .

rgds condor .

17th Nov 2015, 08:44
'Cos we had to push to fit him in with an instructor today , and luckily had an examiner to sign his licence as he was only passing through . Unless this was a UK Examiner then the revalidation is not valid! Was any paperwork sent to the UK CAA (SRG1119E)? If so they will spot the Examiner, if not, then they will have no record of it. His best option if he has not passed the original expiry date would be to get it countersigned by a UK Instructor/Examiner and the paperwork completed.

18th Nov 2015, 09:23
Thanks Whopity , yes it was all done correctly as if he lived in the UK .
The query I posted was to see if in the future , there was an easier way for him to do it .
Without some changes there is apparently not .

rgds condor .

19th Nov 2015, 08:29
The concept of a European PPL was nonsense from the outset, there was no requirement and the outcome is that we still have National licences, albeit with a common stiker on the front. It would have been much easier just to print the stickers and sell them for two pence each!

19th Nov 2015, 09:59
Any EASA Instructor appropriately rated may do the 'hour with' and if you can't then find a UK CAA examiner to sign the revalidation just send everything to the UK CAA and they'll complete the administrative action required.

Another way around this is for the pilot to "revalidate by test" so the 1 hour with an instructor is replaced by the LPC. In this instance the correct notification process must be adhered to and copied to the correct licensing authority with the completed examiners report post flight. The examiner may then sign the new rating on the front of the licence.

Long winded, but workable.


19th Nov 2015, 11:09
The examiner may then sign the new rating on the front of the licence. Only if specifically authorised by the UK CAA. I had my wrist slapped for signing an Irish licence.

IN2015-506.2 Unless specifically authorised by the UK CAA, examiners holding Part-FCL examiner certificates issued by countries other than the UK are not permitted to endorse the certificate of revalidation of a UK-issued licence. Where the examiner notifies the intent to conduct a proficiency check or assessment of competence in accordance with the procedure under paragraph 4 of this Information Notice, the e-mail from the CAA confirming notification will include an authorisation permitting the examiner to endorse the revalidation page of the licence. This authorisation will be valid once only and will be for the specific renewal/revalidation of the qualification for the particular licence holder being examined.

19th Nov 2015, 11:35
I hold a UK and EASA PPL (A) and did my revalidation in Switzerland about 12 months ago with a local instructor, I spoke to CAA who said they needed the SRG 1119 C (or E, can't remember) sent off the paperwork and they came back and asked for the Instructors certification and medical. Promptly scanned and sent those by e mail and it was problem solved they re issued my validation !

It seems ( unsurprisingly) that there is a quite a bit of discrepancy between various countries in EASA......sigh !