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Globally Challenged
12th Nov 2015, 19:34
I'm finding lots of results from people asking the same question in the lead up to the rule changes on 1st August 2014.

I'm hoping to gain a relatively simple answer to the following:

I have an EASA (UK) ATPL

I'm going to CAE Dubai at the end of January for an initial on a new type.

Assuming (and I will find out) that the instructors / examiners at CAE also hold FAA tickets - is there a great deal over and above what I will already be doing for the initial on my EASA licence to get eligible to apply for the ATP Knowledge test.

I have seen the criteria here: eCFR ? Code of Federal Regulations (http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=d6cef9585dc02362411a16f52b66b003&node=14: and hope / presume that much of this is included in a full initial. Would the course itself have to be approved by the FAA etc?

Is there likely to be much additional cost involved?

I intend to contact CAE (via the training department of the company putting me through this rating - who may well have their own opinion on whether I can do this) but I was wondering if anyone else has tried to take this path to FAA-land since the new rules came in?

13th Nov 2015, 04:38
TK is not the issue, it's the ATP training course and check ride that are the big stumbling blocks. The problem is in order to get an FAA ATP now you need to attend an approved school (of which there are only around 5) and take the number of hours Training before sitting the check ride. The theory side is examined at many places and relatively simple.

13th Nov 2015, 20:41
The approved school, with the mandatory sim content, is required prior to sitting the ATP theory exam (to get an ATP-MEL/MES). The theory exam, in turn, is a prerequisite for the ATP checkride/flight test.

You also have to get security screened from the TSA/Homeland Insecurity/whoever.

23rd Dec 2015, 07:48
Correct, for FAA ATP now you need to follow this new course (costs approx. 5000$) complete it and take the written test.

Does any of you have any knowledge on the opposite side, going from an FAA ATP to an EASA ATPL licence conversion?

23rd Dec 2015, 09:35
The simulator (and examiner) will have to be FAA approved.

If you haven't done the written, ATP CTP is required, over in the US.