View Full Version : PPL writtens not at base?

11th Nov 2015, 14:25
Does anyone know what's involved if a student wishes to do their written exams at a school different from where they're learning to fly?
Is this possible ?
If so, do the school keep the results or send them to the CAA or what?
My student has asked but I've never encountered this scenario.

Mach Jump
11th Nov 2015, 17:10
Yes, it is possible.

The other School will deal with all the paperwork concerned with the TK Exams, and give the student a PPL application form with the TK section filled in, and signed. You can then use this as evidence to confirm Course Completion before signing the CCC.

He/she can then use the same form to complete the Licence application, or send in two separate forms.


12th Nov 2015, 07:49
Brilliant, thank you

20th Nov 2015, 12:37

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