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8th Nov 2015, 07:12
Can someone tell me which written exams must have been passed before a student can be sent solo cross country under EASA?


8th Nov 2015, 07:21
There is no mandatory requirement for a student to have passed any exams before being sent off on a solo cross-country exercise - although ATOs/RFs may have their own local requirements.

I used to require Air Law & Op Procs., HP&L, Comms (PPL), Met, Nav and FP&P before any of our students were allowed to fly a solo X-C.

8th Nov 2015, 09:15
Sensible reply. Thankyou.

Pull what
16th Nov 2015, 12:15
A well run flying school will have stage progress tests which should be taken before solo flying.

Some recent student incidents were as the result of the student not knowing how to use Comm 2 and in another the student couldnt find tbe cockpit lighting. Another highlighted the lack of a diversion plan and not understanding lack of daylight planning.

The usual misunderstanding of when and how to go around and penetration of controlled airspace can also be minimised by specific progress tests.

The ony way an instruc tor can fully understand if what is being taught is sinking in and more importanly there are no gaps in what needs to be taught(including local procedures) is by progress tests but these take time and effort!

16th Nov 2015, 14:28
A lot of instrutors do not seem to be aware that it is now a legal requirement for a solo student to carry an authorisation on solo navigation flights. Hopefully; the instructor signing the certificate will have briefed the candidate and checked their knowledge in all these areas. AFE produce a reasonably comprehensive certificate in their EASA training records package.