View Full Version : When will the Concorde return?

10th Oct 2001, 05:22
Was just wondering when this beautiful airplane will once again grace the skies as a passenger carrying airplane?

Saving my pennies for a ride!

10th Oct 2001, 19:16
I bet this topic is deleted before the end of the day just like all the other positive threads on this forum.

Apparently there is no room for smiles or positive thinking about Concorde right now.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

ATC Watcher
10th Oct 2001, 19:21
Diesel8 : before Sept 11 the plan was for BAW to re-start one flight a day from 28 October and for AFR to start also once a day from 30 Novemberboth to JFK.
Now that might be compromised, but they will re-start ops soon....

Capt PPRuNe
10th Oct 2001, 21:01
Markbingo.. its not a rumour or news so it belongs where all the other 'questions' were sent... the Questions forum.. duh! Guess you were right though.. this one is being closed too.