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28th Oct 2015, 18:31
Hello everybody,

I don't know if this is the right section to post this, appologies if not.
I would like to begin my PPL and direct me to the instruction zone, I'm living in the Netherlands (I am not dutch, though). I would like to know what would I need to become an Instructor? What possibilities of jobs can I get after? (taking in count how airlines situation are now)

What would be your recomendations?
thank you very much in advance :)

28th Oct 2015, 19:15
There is a phrase in England that one should not try to run before you can walk! That said, there is nothing wrong with starting your PPL with an ambition. You will need enough money to pay for the PPL, say about 60 hours and then before you can become an instructor you will need to gain 200 hours experience before you can begin. You will also need to pass the commercial theory exams, unless you only want to teach for the Light Aircraft Pilots Licence. During that time you may change you mind, or have other ideas. Instruction is not well paid and the PPL is a shrinking market with progressively less work for those who become instructors. You can earn more money teaching virtually anything else.

Some may say get a well paid job then you can afford to do the flying as a hobby.

29th Oct 2015, 05:44
To become a FI with PPL only, you need 150 hours PIC. To teach only LAPL, you don't need CPL theory.

29th Oct 2015, 20:19
Thank you for your advises, and I have to partially agree with you.
In my case FI would not be my only job (so FI part-time), not on what I would be depending on. I don't consider me the thypical "airline pilot aspirant" or something like that. I know about the salaries issues, and I wish they would improve...

regards :)

30th Nov 2015, 10:03
You can begin to instruct in any aviation companies or colleges as they need quality instructor with good flying hours.

Follow your ambition dear!

All the best!

1st Dec 2015, 13:31
You need to find a school to work for. Even part time it's not easy to find. So the first step should be to visit flight schools where you live and ask them on what conditions they would consider hiring a part time instructor freshly certified.

May be the microlight (3 axes ML are not so different than small aeroplanes) schools are worth a visit too. ML licenses are country specific, so I could not tell what the requirements are in your country.

30th Nov 2016, 04:02
maximus610...how can i get in touch with you?
would like to ask you some qustions...and i can t seem to PM you.

2nd Dec 2016, 15:18
@eruzey, you can e-mail me via my profile...