View Full Version : Medical requirement for EASA MEIR and MEP revalidation

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29th Sep 2015, 07:06
I hold an EASA CPL / IR / ME. The first reval of my EASA MEIR and MEP is coming up. My Class 1 medical has expired but my Class 2 is still valid.

Can I do the MEIR / MEP reval using my Class 2 or do I need to get my Class 1 medical renewed before I do it?

29th Sep 2015, 07:35
You have a medical, its valid. You could even teach and examine it on a Class 2.

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30th Sep 2015, 05:23
Thanks, much appreciated

30th Sep 2015, 10:42
I believe to keep an Full IR on a licence with a ClassII medical you need to include the Class I hearing test.

30th Sep 2015, 12:49
If an instrument rating is added to a PPL, the licence holder shall undertake pure
tone audiometry examinations in accordance with the periodicity and the
standard required for class 1 medical certificate holders.I would imagine the holder of a CPL will be back to a Class 1 before this becomes an issue.

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30th Sep 2015, 15:53
Good point - I'm over 40 so audiogram every 2 years so I'm good until my Class 2 medical expires.