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22nd Sep 2015, 15:52
Hi All,

Just flicking through the AMC and see that the aeros course permits solo consolidation. Does anyone use this?

Also if it can be taught by a CRI then can that CRI authorise the solo flights under the management of an ATO?

22nd Sep 2015, 17:05
AIUI you do not actually need an aeros rating to fly aeros until after 2018 so no authorisation needed ATM (apart from club/school rules). If the aircraft is non EASA as many aero aircraft are you will not even need the rating after that date, happy to be corrected if I have got this wrong.

22nd Sep 2015, 18:39
That's true but if the ATO has an aeros course or is considering it in the meantime they wod have to comply with the aircrew regulation and hence the AMC.

I was just wondering wod there isn't currently any solo flying in the AOPA course then I wonder whether to include any in the aeros rating.

23rd Sep 2015, 08:26
I would say that the manouvers do not need to be consolidated, though no problem allowing students to do so if they wish once they have got spinning and UP recovery sorted, to me these are the important part of the aeros course, how well the student can actually fly a loop or stall turn is really down to their own ambition and pride, I am happy to help them as much as they want on perfecting things, but not something I put a lot of importance on for the course.

23rd Sep 2015, 09:40
That was always my idea. The main points are getting out of trouble competently.

23rd Sep 2015, 11:42
There is no mandatory solo aerobatics requirement in the EASA Aerobatic Certificate. However, if an ATO wishes to include some such flights (I've no idea how they would intend supervising them....), then they the aircraft have to be suitable.

Some €urotw@t in another MS tried to interpret the EASA AMC as 'requiring' solo aeros - those with more sense told him he was wrong but EASA might now be taking this up. I certainly hope they won't!

24th Sep 2015, 07:08
Also if it can be taught by a CRI then can that CRI authorise the solo flights under the management of an ATO? Why not? A CRI can only instruct licensed pilots.