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21st Sep 2015, 20:50
Looks like it's finally going to be killed off.


Anyone know of an alternative so that we can print off 214 and 215's next year.

21st Sep 2015, 21:27
They redesigned the page you need to create a new login.

General Aviation services - Met Office (http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/aviation/ga)

22nd Sep 2015, 19:33
Thanks...should have read the third line down:O

24th Sep 2015, 07:20
I note that the availability of TAFs/METARS is now very restricted. At least you can still obtain FREE TAFs/METARS from ADDS - METARs (http://www.aviationweather.gov/adds/metars/), which is a US National Weather SERVICE uncontaminated by adverts or 'premium only' paywalls.

24th Sep 2015, 12:06
I raised the issue of the restricted TAF/METAR data and received the following reply:Since the initial fact find we have invited a cross-section of general aviators to the Met Office to see what we have developed, and to take part in user testing. As a result we feel that we have created a product which is relevant and usable for you in the way that most of you now brief. This has been done in conjunction with consultation with the CAA to ensure that the product is still compliant with our regulated remit.

With regards to your concerns about only being able to view one TAF/METAR at any one time, please be advised that since upgrading our site we have received a number of feedback enquiries relating to this matter which are being collated by our Aviation sector managers. I hope this reassures you that your feedback is being reviewed by our Managers and will help to refine our service in the near future.
Looks like another "System Failure" and more feedback is required!

24th Sep 2015, 13:00
Hmm, I received the same response:

Since the initial fact find we have invited a cross-section of general aviators to the Met Office to see what we have developed, and to take part in user testing. As a result we feel that we have created a product which is relevant and usable for you in the way that most of you now brief. This has been done in conjunction with consultation with the CAA to ensure that the product is still compliant with our regulated remit.

However, I wrote back asking for a reply to the question I actually asked, so perhaps that will receive something other than a formatted reply?

24th Sep 2015, 17:27
There was no further response to my reply. We have the corporate answer, thats your lot!

25th Sep 2015, 21:59
Well tried logging in using my old details..won't accept.
So tried creating new login.
Won't accept as it says the e-mails I am trying to use are already registered.

I give up :ugh:

26th Sep 2015, 08:12
Sorry but I think this site is perfectly usable and has some good features. I assumed "a new site" and registered using my original e mail, plus a new user name and password. Re. the site, the interactive map is fine, TAF, METARs and airfield details are one click and for those that liked a regional list of weathers , use the map. Also, using map menu, the weather details are more comprehensive than before. For example it gives cloud <1000', very useful if you need to plan a destination alternate, ie comparison of TAF and METAR, or if you want to anticipate student flights if long airfield journeys are involved. PS, it's only a quick look this morning!

27th Sep 2015, 19:09
Well signed up and waiting for their e-mail reply confirmation.....
Nothing so far.
They don't seem to like me.

27th Sep 2015, 20:56
Sorry but I think this site is perfectly usable and has some good features. Then please tell us how you can print a sheet of TAFS/METARS for an area without having to select them all individually, a time wasting process for basic information.

30th Sep 2015, 06:59
Well still can't get signed up. Is there something wrong with their site?
Won't accept old info. won't accept new login info.
Won't accept the e-mail addresses because they have already been registered. But still can't get in.
Why can't we use the old login info.
Why change something that ain't broke.

30th Sep 2015, 07:22
Its all dependant on the position of the Jetstream!

Genghis the Engineer
30th Sep 2015, 10:08
It's in hangar 2 at the moment.


13th Oct 2015, 21:33
Well finally managed to login.
And yep just like everything else totally ruined.
Format laid out to satisfy a ten year old.
Where is the weather radar.
Why is it that everything has to look like Outlook.
Typeset that is hard to read.
All we need is a simple list as before.
Where are all the TAF's.
Have I got to type in each one individually.
So what if it remembers the last four, I want to see the whole country and get a gist of what's going on.
Just like everything else Aviation going down the pan!

Rainfall found!
I suppose the map features not bad.
Grump. Luddite.

13th Oct 2015, 21:38
Funny how we have not advanced since the Met and NOTAMS were hung on a nail on the Flight Planning Room wall!

13th Oct 2015, 21:44
All we want is information, not entertainment with fancy graphics.

I was really impressed with the US flight following having filed a VFR plan.
Weather, Notams and frequencies in a telephone conversation that lasted two minutes!

The Met map, you still have to click on individual airfield to see what's going on, whereas a list can be scanned in few seconds to get an overview of the weather.

19th Oct 2015, 13:44
Been on to the Met Office a number of times.

They sort of understand there's a problem, but have spent too much money not to proceed. They assume we'll come to like it once we've had some time to use it.

Sadly they won't be keeping the old version that works great in areas with poor signal coverage or when flashy graphics really aren't needed

19th Oct 2015, 14:58
Why can't they just LEAVE THINGS ALONE......

19th Oct 2015, 15:32
The real problem is that the people who produce these things have no concept of what the end user does with them. They quote that it satisfies the Regulator who has nobody left who understands it either.

Two Half-Wits don't makea Wit!

20th Oct 2015, 09:59
Looks like we have succeeded, just received a Met Office flyer saying the TAFs and METARS are back as a "New Feature"New GA features launched today

Thank you for subscribing to our new General Aviation Briefing Service. We hope that you are enjoying using this new mobile and tablet friendly product.

We wanted to let you know about some of the latest content and feature updates released today:

TAFs and METARs bulletins – regional listings and function to print

20th Oct 2015, 11:16
Logged on to the system only to find my account blocked.

I'm supposed to use the code sent in my confirmation email - except I never got one. So good to see such mastery of IT from the Met Office

21st Oct 2015, 20:36
Well step in the right direction.
Pity that it now needs two sheets of paper to print what would fit on one!

Well just had a quick look, as of now, as shown requires three pages to print.

Can't they format it so that it fits one page :ugh:

21st Oct 2015, 21:47
Any idea where I now can obtain (for free!!!) Met Form 214/215 please?

25th Oct 2015, 10:31
I'm still waiting for a reply to the e-mail I sent them a month ago, concerning the non-availability of the 'Global TAF and METAR search' function in their new web****e....:confused:

1st Nov 2015, 20:29
What EXACTLY was wrong with the old system?

I've been using along with everyone else perfectly well for years.

Seems like the new site has been designed by some spotty-faced computer geek/web designer:ugh: rather than someone who understands the needs of pilots - which I thought the site was aimed exclusively at?!

3rd Nov 2015, 07:27

It is that long held unwritten rule in this country - if something works, change it. Then think of a plausible reason for why you did so. And if you can't think of plausible one, then come up with an implausible one.

3rd Nov 2015, 09:32
SpannerInTheWerks, I agree with you! I think the new site is aimed at kids and their iToys, hence the stupidly large font.

Rather like the abysmal new 'Adobe DC' which they're trying to foist on people....:mad: It took me ages to find out how to get rid of it and return to Adobe Reader XI.

3rd Nov 2015, 19:15
Four Reds
Follow the link on the new GA website 214 & 215 are still there.

5th Nov 2015, 12:38
I had setup an account for the new system, was working fine. But as I login today it's asking for more information, I fill in the information and then it says it's not complete :ugh: so can't login

5th Nov 2015, 19:58
Apparently the Metoffice has received some awards for customer service.

A bit like those awards you see in the Fish and Chip shops, you know the sort, some kind of fish fryers association no one's heard about. :rolleyes:

6th Nov 2015, 19:02
Its the way of the World, collecting badges to make up for how useless they really are.

7th Nov 2015, 09:54
Hi Glide1. Found. Many thanks.

Danny boy
18th Nov 2015, 10:15
oh dear, oh dear...the new Met Office GA site..

Why oh why change a perfectly functioning website offering up to date wx information which can be easily downloaded to any smart phone, even with the poorest of signal, to this blingy new site requiring a high speed internet connection.

Getting METARs and TAFs out in the back and beyond on my iPhone is vital for flight safety, especially recently with the fog etc the met office should realize that it is not always possible to get the weather from a desktop in a nice warm office...

I can use the TAFs and METAR page on the old site sometimes every few minutes looking for a trend with the weather etc..I don't need a map or the adverts clogging things up..

I cannot get the TAFs and METARs page on my iPhone using the new site for some reason, I even emailed the link to myself but no luck with that either..but I can on my desktop..

Why didn't they just add a few more products to the old site, without all the re registering etc..
Who knows they may extent the cut off date on the old site for a little longer? :confused:

18th Nov 2015, 18:13
Well that's the reason it changed, adverts.
Got to offset the money they lost losing the BBC contract.

18th Nov 2015, 18:57
I registered in the hope that it would be an improvement over the old system.

If I said I was disappointed I would be making an understatement, especially as I was earlier this year invited to a met office consulatation on the matter at a well known heliport.

As far as professional aviation goes, it's been rendered more or less unfit for purpose. :ugh:

24th Nov 2015, 07:09
especially as I was earlier this year invited to a met office consulatation on the matter at a well known heliport.You must be one of the few! The wider Industry has never been consulted. It seems the only way to progress this is to flood the Met Office and the Regulator with complaints.

24th Nov 2015, 07:40
I followed their instructions to access the new site using my existing username and password. It didn't work on the new site. After a few email exchanges with their "help desk" I was told that I would have to register using a new username because someone else had registered on the new site using my username. That also meant a new password as the two were now incompatible.

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

24th Nov 2015, 10:47
Is it worth considering a Government petition? This is after all a safety issue.

24th Nov 2015, 15:56
This is after all a safety issue.Which is the province of the Regulator; unfortunately the internal demolition of the CAA means they no longer have anyone who understands the issue either.

24th Nov 2015, 17:48
Try `Orbifly/metmap`,or `Gramet/Ogimet` for route forecast /display..

23rd Mar 2016, 16:25
I've just registered for the new GA service and I must say 'well done' to the Met Office.

The format has changed significantly since my previous comments.

All information is available as before, but with the format updated and, it seems, more services available for free ...

No complaints from me!!! :)

Thank you

Danny boy
24th Mar 2016, 08:04
Yes just in the nick of time....

I can now get TAFs and METARs on my iPhone again...

24th Mar 2016, 08:41
Your password must be at least 9 characters and contain at least one digit, one uppercase, one lowercase, and one special character.

Why in heaven's name does access to a weather site need such a complex password?

24th Mar 2016, 15:43
Old Met site now continues running 'til May .

Rgds condor.

24th Mar 2016, 23:41
That just leaves the CAA website to get back to a usable condition

Good Business Sense
24th Mar 2016, 23:57
Thought I was logging in for a copy of the nuclear codes ....... jeez

Danny boy
18th Apr 2016, 07:40
The other day when the wx was bad, the new site wasn't updating the TAFs where the old site was,

Could be a tricky situation if you were making a decision on out of date information...

At the minute I am still using the old site until the end of May...Good idea is to check the issue time on all TAFs before using them, it may be getting quite old..