View Full Version : EASA FIC in UK, But Skills Test In Spain...

19th Sep 2015, 10:11
Just completed my EASA FIC in a UK school and now the quickest I can get a hold of an examiner is in Spain, the examiner is authorised to do tests under the UK CAA. I have my course completion certificate and all other paperwork so, job done... or am I missing something?

I've looked through AMC, Standard Doc 55, blah blah blah... Can't see anything

HELP ! ! !

Mach Jump
20th Sep 2015, 12:15
I don't think there's any reason you can't do exactly as you suggest. :)


20th Sep 2015, 14:44
Someone told me that I need to transfer my training records to the other school where I am renting the aircraft for the test. But if I have a course completion certificate, surely I'm just there to hire an aircraft...

20th Sep 2015, 17:42
Your examiner will also need to submit test notification iaw IN-2015/050 (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/InformationNotice2015050.pdf) and receive confirmation from the CAA in advance of the AoC if you're a UK licence holder.

I'm surprised you can't find a FIE available in the UK next week! I suppose it would help applicants if the CAA published contact details of examiners as required under Part-ARA, ARA.FCL.205.


24th Sep 2015, 09:26
Thanks for all your help! :ok: