View Full Version : White Dust on the 787 Glareshield

18th Sep 2015, 20:31
Boeing has received reports from some 787 operators regarding some suspect white dust present on the Dreamliner glare shield .Any info on the source of the dust?

19th Sep 2015, 18:11
Clearly cocaine. I've seen a documentary about it. It was called "Flight" I think. :}

19th Sep 2015, 18:29
dead skin from the pilots!

19th Sep 2015, 18:31
Surely it's due to flying through chemtrails?

John Farley
19th Sep 2015, 19:36
or even the plasticiser subliming out of the glare shield material as it does in our cars.

Turbine D
19th Sep 2015, 19:44
Certain plastic containing materials tend to collect dust, white, gray, even black and you are told never to wash them because they will collect even more faster, Oh, wait, those are certain parts of my wife's Dyson sweeper, sorry…;)

Spooky 2
19th Sep 2015, 21:31
Could be caused by the humidifier which leave a white coating on some panels in the 747-400. Just a guess.

19th Sep 2015, 21:53
Simply paint the glare shield white, job sorted! :ok: