View Full Version : A330 FLIGHT ON BATTERIES

8th Sep 2015, 23:29
In the unlikely case of ESS Buses supplied by BAT, (EMER GEN supplied by RAT and after Land Recovery has been pressed), i have the following questions which I havent found in any AB Manual
What would be a max time of BAT running ( 22 minutes are mentioned in the 320 FCOM) but nothing in the 330 ( I know we can revert to EMER GEN with the MAN ON PB but jsut in case it doesnt work, either the reversal or the GEN itself.

Which BAT is capable of supplying Static Inverter. 1,2, APu, the three of them , in parallel ?
Muchas gracias .

9th Sep 2015, 03:14
30 minutes, and bat 1 & 2 through the ESS DC bus (which powers the emergency static inverter) The APU battery is only used for attempting to start the APU. We will assume that if you have gotten to the point of hitting the Land Recovery button while on RAT-only power, you probably ran the APU battery dry a long time ago already trying (and failing) to get your APU and it's generator running.