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6th Sep 2015, 08:35
Can th g report be accessed to without having to print the Load report?

6th Sep 2015, 23:58
I never saw it done onscreen. 12 years on AB, but never really tried exactly this.

take care, FD.

Amadis of Gaul
7th Sep 2015, 15:32
I imagine maintenance can access it somehow, but I don't know how we can without the load 15.

7th Sep 2015, 19:38
Well I just don't want to waste paper that's why trying to find a way that I can access the info "g" at landing without having to print it.

Amadis of Gaul
7th Sep 2015, 22:28
For the love of Santa Ynez, it's not like it's THAT much paper that's involved.

2nd Oct 2015, 19:55
Yes you can check it. Go in to AIDS then on the first page top right 1R twice. Then type in VRTAMAX to see the g after landing, Or VRTA to see the G load in real time.

3rd Oct 2015, 21:01
Costin is correct.

Happy landings!

4th Oct 2015, 03:29
As Costin has said.. Just wait till the engines are shut down..