View Full Version : diversion to LFBD???

stator vane
16th Jun 2002, 19:54
there i was, sitting on my arse, at FL340, over france about 1400z today and heard some engle ask to divert to LFBD, (it sounded like) and was asking the name of that airport.

diversion was due to shutdown for vibration.

i could tell there was a bit of stress in the voice as well should be. i felt helpless but could feel for him. and listened carefully to the slow response of ATC. i could feel for the both of them. on the ground, trying to sort out traffic and being interrupted with a diversion and the pilots as well being interrupted with the engine.

i cruise with little green circles around all my pre-selected airports that i might need if the same would happen to me. since i usually cruise between 330 and 370, a 100 mile arc will remind me that i could glide to selected airports if the need arose.

i started doing that after the Swiss Air went into the water off New York area. from what i read, they delayed diversion a few minutes too long. since then i have resolved that if there is smoke or fire in the airplane, i will make a rapid descent to my selected airport and ask questions later.

my heart goes out to whoever it was.

some times these things are no more than extreme inconveniences, but it is surprizing how thin a line separates diversions from disasters. i have been so very fortunate thus far. and hearing someone else in the hot seat made me to review the possibilities that can happen to all of us.

sorry i don't remember the call sign.

hope it all went well with them.