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Genghis the Engineer
2nd Sep 2015, 20:29
I'm hoping that somebody here knows the definitive answer here.

Somebody of my acquaintance has assumed that "differences" experience on gliders automatically reads across to SEP.

Specifically - he thinks that his retractable experience on gliders, and VP prop experience on a retractable engine motorglider reads across to his SEP.

This seems unlikely to me: and not particularly sensible either - but does anybody know for sure?


3rd Sep 2015, 07:44
No licence is required to fly a glider so there is nothing to transfer. Under EASA, sailplanes are in a different Category of aircraft so they are no more transferable to an aeroplane licence than heliccopter differences.

The only area where there may be some commonality, is if you have a TMG rating on a Sailplane licence and a TMG on an Aeroplane licence, then any differences on the TMG should apply to both and one could argue then apply to a valid SEP on the same licence, as experience gained in either class is countable.

FCL.710 Class and type ratings — variants (a) In order to extend his/her privileges to another variant of aircraft within one class or type rating, the pilot shall undertake differences or familiarisation training.
(b) If the variant has not been flown within a period of 2 years following the differences training, further differences training or a proficiency check in that variant shall be required to maintain the privileges, except for types or variants within the single-engine piston and TMG class ratings. The glider is not in the same Class or Category!

Genghis the Engineer
3rd Sep 2015, 10:12
Thanks a lot Whopity - very clear and useful.

Nice when common sense and the regulations seem to match. Doesn't always happen.