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26th Aug 2015, 02:37
A matter that has come up in conversation with other flight schools - can a student with 43 hours take a 2 hour PPL skills test and then apply for the PPL issue? Or does a student need 45 hours before the skills test?

Thanks in advance!

Pete O'Tewbe
26th Aug 2015, 12:41


26th Aug 2015, 13:10
Under the JAA a candidate could take the Skill Test after 35 hours and include the test in the required 45 hours however; under EASA the candidate must meet all of the requirements for licence issue, to be checked by the examiner, before they are eligible to take the test.

And the Flight Schools should knows this!

Mach Jump
26th Aug 2015, 13:10
PO'T is right.

ALL the required elements of the PPL Course, including the minimum hours must be completed, and a Course Completion Certificate signed by the Head of Training, before an Examiner can carry out the Skills Test.


26th Aug 2015, 14:11
This was my opinion too, i have a few friends who have got their PPLs recently after 43 hours then a flight test. The CAA have issued the licences so i am a bit confused!

Mach Jump
27th Aug 2015, 02:21
The CAA have issued the licences so i am a bit confused!

Your friends, and their schools were lucky to catch the CAA at a time of stress and confusion. I would tell them to keep quiet about it if I were you. Licences issued in error can be revoked at any time!:eek:


27th Aug 2015, 07:27
The regulation:
FCL.210.A PPL(A) Experience requirements and crediting (a) Applicants for a PPL(A) shall have completed at least 45 hours of flight instruction in aeroplanes or TMGs, 5 of which may have been completed in an FSTD, including at least:

The CAA is known to have issued hundreds of licences incorrectly, some the wrong licence, incorrect ratings etc. Many have been returned for correction, many probably still exist as they were issued. In some cases the holder is not even aware.

One of EASA's objectives is to assist member states to comply with ICAO recomendations, which only call for 40 hours for a PPL!

27th Aug 2015, 10:56
Same is now true for all skill tests and AoCs.

The CPL is the big issue as you can do the course with 150 but not test until 200, the course isn't 50 hours so you cannot practically start the course until 180 (ish as I cannot remember the figures)