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21st Aug 2015, 17:26
Dear pilots,

My question is for Airbus drivers, When we select Airport as Efis option (instead of constraint for PNF passing FL100 for exaple) do we have displayed ALL the airfield in the aera or just a selection of airfield according to some criteria (runway length, paved or not, instrument app or not...)?
I live in Paris, and it would be the mess on the ND :suspect: if an A320 overfly Paris as here you have more than 10 airfield surrounding Paris (and most of them unsuitable except CDG ORY LBG). Can't find any info in FCOM FCTM.

21st Aug 2015, 17:43
I'm sure that there will be those better informed than me who will come along and shed light on this subject, but I have always understood that only those specified by your company to your database provider will show up.

21st Aug 2015, 18:26
It shows what you have in the database - the airfields there are selected according to operator's needs, sometimes the number is limited by maximum database size, especially on older airframs.

Amadis of Gaul
21st Aug 2015, 22:42
It's operator-specific.

22nd Aug 2015, 10:14
It's Airfields in your data base suitable for use by your Aircraft type as specified by your Airline.

Mine has any Airfield with runways 5,000' or longer suitable for the A330. ( although having said that the actual runway PCN may not be suitable for A330 use !! )
The FM Nav data base will have at the the very least the runways and hopefully all the approaches/sids/stars, even if you don't have a paper chart it's useful in an emergency.

Limited by data base size, so your Airline decides which ones to include.

Ollie Onion
23rd Aug 2015, 08:41
In my airline it is runways greater than 1800m in length.

26th Aug 2015, 03:18
Someone in your airline oversees this or your airline contracts this out to someone else. A Navigation Database manager spends their time adding and removing various airports, approach procedures, waypoints so that it all fits into the nav database. The old 'Buses have quite small database sizes so it can be a big challenge to manage this.

Typically an airline will have their destinations and alternates and emergency airports but this is all determined by the management of the company....