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19th Aug 2015, 21:45
Can anyone clear up a point for me? I always understood that PPLs could NOT allow their friends a "shot" at the controls and the only people who could legally allow an unlicensed person to manipulate the controls are instructors. This view was recently challenged by some PPLs who have asked me to prove it! I can't find anything on the CAA ensure to this effect. Have I bothered to become a CPL and FI all for nothing?

24th Aug 2015, 21:00
CAP 393 Air Navigation - The Order and Regulations (https://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP%20393%20Fourth%20edition%20Amendment%201%20April%202015. pdf)

Page 81 seems to be relevant.

Based on that it seems to me that officially the answer is no, with a PPL (and no instructor rating) you can't legally give controls to an unqualified passenger in the UK. I might be missing something though. :ok:

7th Sep 2015, 08:43
Are you going to keep asking the same question until you get an answer you like? That actually use to work with the CAA under JAR, but not anymore.
What happened to the last thread?