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17th Aug 2015, 10:21
Hi all, I am in the mist of acquiring a Saab340 aircraft from a foreign operator. As the current operator cannot deliver the aircraft in EASA/FAA standard (only local standard), I am starting to wonder if this deal should go on any further.

I know that there have been numerous transactions in the past whereby the country Saab340 were acquired by foreign parties so it should not necessarily be a showstopper.

I need to find out other than doing the CofA for the aircraft, what the (high level) modification requirements, what the cost implications, what the possible downtime consequences are, etc.

No Fly Zone
18th Aug 2015, 11:40
I think you have answered your own question, sir: if the aircraft cannot be certified - as-is - in your operating area, how much can you afford and how much downtime will you accept for modifications? Only you can provide those answers. At least you are thinking, before plunking down your cash!:D

18th Aug 2015, 19:09
basic mods would include 8.33 vhf spacing, fms upgrades for rnav and maybe dfdr

19th Aug 2015, 08:20
We got our s/n 64 converted by TAM in Sweden. Before it flew in USA and Nepal and was converted to JAR/EASA in 2011.

19th Aug 2015, 09:07
FMS upgrade in SF 340??

19th Aug 2015, 12:04
FMS was/is an option in Saab340, not standard equipment.
Most use UNS-1k but there are also other options.

19th Aug 2015, 13:09
My first airline captaincy happened on a SF 340B in 1989. No FMS on board.