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15th Jun 2002, 12:09
A Transjet MD83, with 164 passengers, flying from Athens to Manchester, did an emergency landing, last night, at Venice airport due to engine problems.
After landing all of the passengers were rapidly evacuated with noone injured.
The failure on one of the engines would have been caused a drop of oil pressure, with subsequent oil (vapours??) dispersal in the cabin.

From "La Nazione" 15/06/2002

15th Jun 2002, 18:59
I was flying through the FIR at the time and Padua appeared to be giving them a good service and freedom of manouvre and the crew sounded calm and settled with it throughout. Came over as no big drama & well handled from where I sat.

Few Cloudy
16th Jun 2002, 09:04
To have evacuated the passengers would need more than a shut down engine.

Gin Slinger
16th Jun 2002, 10:43
FC - yes - and the first post indicates it was :)

16th Jun 2002, 11:18
Rapidly evacuated or just dis-embarked ??

The two sometimes have a habit of being one and the same depending on who is telling the story.............if you get my drift ?

16th Jun 2002, 11:38
I couldn't say. I only translated what I read on the paper.

16th Jun 2002, 12:12
But if the oil vapours are causing the cabin the be smokey then an evacuation could well be the right thing to do. Especially as you probably wouldn't know that it was oil vapours causing it.

16th Jun 2002, 13:10
External oil line on the oil bypass system cracked and the aircraft had a slow oil loss. Crew diverted to Venice while monitoring the oil level. When the oil level approached 5 qts (minimum safe operation is 4 qts.) the Captain did an engine shutdown while on approach. Handled perfectly without engine damage, aircraft is back in service, via AlItalia maintenance, and no evac that I know of.

A job well done.

16th Jun 2002, 15:16
The summer has not started well for Transjet,Their delay rate is totally unacceptable,they look as if they are flying on a shoestring with Knackered aircraft and 3rd party maintenance.Who backs them?-some of the greek island airports they are flying to from the UK must be marginal on fuel with a fully loaded MD83 and old avionics.Anyway,if past history is anything to go by they wont last five minutes like the other scandinavian start ups.

16th Jun 2002, 21:09
Seems to be a standard day for this airline!

Jack The Lad
16th Jun 2002, 21:09
Directangodelta; are you a frustrated pilot or a frustrated engineer, or worse still a frustrated spouse of one of the aformentioned?

Geez, your past posts pontificate on all sorts, so where is your credibility or authority? Give us a pointer and I will start listening to you seriously, otherwise go back to the pub and get the interest of someone who may actually believe you know what you are talking about.

No comment
17th Jun 2002, 11:37
I think you're a little harsh on him there. SWL haven't really dont very well lately with their timekeeping and actually being able to fly their own aircraft. From where I deal with them, hardly a smooth weekend has gone by for them. Shame really, but until they get a newer fleet (i.e. newer than MD80s and 742s) then I wont be crossing my fingers).

18th Jun 2002, 20:13
:D Jack the Lad,you are obviously linked in some way to SWL,either that or you walk around in a blindfold!! To question my credibility on this forum is irrelevant to the issue,which relates to the antics of SWL.Their early season timekeeping is EXCEPTIONALLYpoor which follows on from last summers problems and they only operated [B]ONE MD80 then!!.I hope it all sorts it self out but I know from inside the travel industry that they have over committed themselves this summer in the vain attempt to generate cash flow.I hope this answers your question and goes some way in determining my credibility.

18th Jun 2002, 20:48
Transjet's entire operation is VERY poor. They subchartered Pegasus recently: Pegasus only took the subcharter on the understanding that there was a return load which they were told there was. The return load never existed. at the start of the sumer I hoped that SWL would get better as time went by, but they seem to be getting even worse!

No comment
18th Jun 2002, 20:55
Directtangodelta and redfield i agree with you both. I am also in a position to understand how they have caused more than a few problems already this season. Mind you, I dont wish this to be malicious towards Transjet. As with any airline i wish them the best but sometimes things need to be taken into perspective. An old fleet cant be good news and having to get pegasus and excel to bail them out on more than a couple of occasions as well as leasing in whatever that A310 was last weekend in the first couple of months of summer 2002 season wont do much to help their credibility and their bank balance. My advice, get a load of 73Gs and lose the rusting MDs.

18th Jun 2002, 21:11
Gents, Itīs not the type...itīs how you maintain it.
My outfit flies a load of MDīs and they donīt break down any more than the load of NGīs that my outfit also has!

Justin Abeaver
20th Jun 2002, 07:55
Absolutely, Zico.

Having said that, I saw one of the MDs get SLAMMED onto the tarmac at Corfu the other day. Must have bounced 15 feet. No heavy landing check was done and they turned it round and off they went.



20th Jun 2002, 08:41
Allright Justin, itīs how you maintain AND fly it:D

20th Jun 2002, 11:25
Absolutely, Justin AB.
I was at the holding point awaiting backtrack so had a grandstand view .
On the approach they went right thru' the c/l toward the rocks. There then followed a very late flare ( "snatch" would describe it better) and the a/c simply mushed into the ground.

Having flown MD80's, I suspect that they also failed to arm the ground spoilers; I don't think I've ever witnessed such a high bounce and almost certainly it warranted a heavy landing check.

20th Jun 2002, 11:53
I got to watch a movie of the MD test flight where the landing snapped off the tail about the second bounce cycle.

Makes me wonder on the latest where's the weakest link (for obvious no-miss damage) the aft skin or the aft passengers???

20th Jun 2002, 17:37
I also witnessed the bounce at corfu, quite amusing ....had it been a c150 with a student in it

4th Jul 2002, 20:47
if past history is anything to go by they wont last five minutes like the other scandinavian start ups.

I must say, TransAIR is definately looking good..