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12th Aug 2015, 12:28
Hello All,

I am a Commercial Pilot currently working in South America flying on a B737CL.

I also have an EASA Commercial Licence with ATPL Theory exams done and MCC.

I have more than 500hrs on the 737CL which allows me to do a type rating convalidation as per regulations.

And I have just recently reached the 1500H+ and meet the requirements for the ATPL.

Now here is what I am looking advise.

Since I need to do a Skill Test, The ATO has told me that the price to do the convalidation or to do the convalidation and Upgrade to ATPL will cost me the same.

My economy is not the normal economy for a 737 pilot since salaries where I live are very low (Just in case I am not in a P2F scheme) , but I decided to sacrifice lifestyle and money in exchange of the experience looking towards a better future.

I have plenty of money to do the skill test and consider my flight skill in standards.

I would like to know the main difference between a LST for a Type being a commercial pilot and the Upgrade to ATPL LST.

My fears are that this will be my first Sim Skill test in EASA environment and money to retake the Skill test would become an issue. I feel comfortable for the type conversion Skill test not so much for the ATPL.
I don't know if I should wait to have more experience to do the upgrade to ATPL. Or maybe I am just thinking nonsense and I should go straight for it.

Thank you for all the advice and feedback from previous experiences and examples of difference or scenarios for the ATPL skill test.

Best Regards


12th Aug 2015, 12:52
Only extra for the skill test is the raw data ILS, everything else is the same as per your type prof check for an EASA type.

1st Sep 2015, 01:59
Hello Alessandro,

Expecting your skills to be as required....

For your ATPL test you are also expected to show (some) management skills as is expected from a commander.
So you have to take the lead and manage the flight.
Expect it to be just as in normal operations and in your recurrent training. (if you've been with the company long enough to experience that anyway)