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10th Aug 2015, 07:11
Up till 2013, there have been 20 Q400 tail strikes according to Bombardier. As far as I know every single one of them has been at flaps 15. Does anyone know of a tail strike on the Q happening with flaps 35?

10th Aug 2015, 11:32
11thDec13 Roma Airport Australia

Piece of Cake
10th Aug 2015, 22:58
There was this one...

Report: Sky Work DH8D at Berne on Jun 22nd 2008, tail strike on landing (http://avherald.com/h?article=423e63e9)

11th Aug 2015, 02:26

Wow! Unbelievable....

11th Aug 2015, 11:10
So 18/20 flap 15 = 90%
2/20 flap 35 = 10%

11th Aug 2015, 12:04
You're good at math! ;)

There may be more than 2 flaps 35 tail strikes though...

11th Aug 2015, 21:39
Thank you, I do try!

I disliked flap 15 because there was so little room between the approach attitude and the tailstrike attitude.
Power was the only other way to arrest the descent rate.

I wonder if Bombardier are able to supply any info?

11th Aug 2015, 21:48
What's the approach pitch attitude?
What's the tail strike pitch attitude?

11th Aug 2015, 21:50
However, also ask how many damaging nose gear first landings there have been with F35.

Then wonder about an aircraft that requires two radically different landing techniques with the two normal landing flap settings and whether that is related to the tail/nose strike rate.

11th Aug 2015, 21:56
What's the approach pitch attitude?
What's the tail strike pitch attitude?

Approach F15 : 2.5 - 3.5 degrees (certification) 4 degrees not unusual real world

Tail-strike 6.5 degrees worst case, 8 and above is more common

Otto Throttle
17th Aug 2015, 14:37
I think that some work was done by one of the operators which suggested that on fully compressed main gear oleos, and a runway with a noticeable humped cross section, that tail strike occurred at less than 6 degrees; 5.7 rings a bell.