View Full Version : Fi revalidation for cpl holder using class 2 medical

6th Aug 2015, 13:18
Some FIs have reported difficulties when revalidating their FI certificates whilst choosing to exercise Class 2 medical privileges with their CPLs - i.e., with an expired Class 1 but still valid Class 2.

In some cases it was "Computer says No" at Gatwick; however, after AOPA recently pressed the point, the CAA has kindly looked into the matter and the situation has now been resolved:

It is confirmed that amendments to a professional licence would not require a valid Class 1. A medical must be valid but a Class 2 would be acceptable.

Level Attitude
6th Aug 2015, 19:14
Hi BEagle,
Just curious. Given that FI revalidations (and indeed renewals) are usually carried out 'in the field' without CAA involvement, why were people experiencing problems?

7th Aug 2015, 05:19
I recently had the FCL 945 obligation added and was pleased to see that my CPL was retained, despite my only having a current Class 2 medical. Justifies my AOPA membership, if they were the ones who smoothed the path for this. They really need to find a way of letting non-members know that they do this sort of thing.

I kept the Class 1 going up to he age of 65 but couldn't justify the considerable expense of doing so when I can do all the flying I now do on a Class 2.


7th Aug 2015, 10:40
Level Attitude, I believe it was due to the addition of FCL.945 privileges in one case. Another wished to add additional ratings (MEP and Aerobatic).

TOO, yes it was AOPA. Me, in fact.