View Full Version : Problems in locating the lost helicopter (equipped with ELT) at dense forest.

6th Aug 2015, 12:24
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Inspite of Helicopters fitted with Emergency location transmitter (either manual or automatic), why there is delay in finding the exact position of the lost helicopters?

For example- US marine helicopter lost recently in Nepal on May 13 2015 during the relief supply which was found only after two days (15th may).

What makes the delay for satellites to receive a distress signal?

Even though with the sophisticated communication & location finder instruments, what parameters make the delay to find the exact accident spot?

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11th Aug 2015, 12:54
TL may be more productive ?

13th Aug 2015, 09:08
In real world scenarios, fixed ELT will fail to transmit a usable signal on better than (worse than) 95% of occasions.
Fundamentally, fixed ELT are a waste of money, and all they produce is a false sense of security.
So, Muralidharan, the most likely reason has nothing to do with a forest, beyond the fact that crashing in a forest will produce a greater than "normal" likelihood that the ELT aerial will be damaged, a greater threat by far, than any masking by the local conditions.
Tootle pip!!

13th Aug 2015, 20:46
Many times during a crash the cable between the ELT box and the antenna is broken so the signal does not get out. Older ELTs just send out a signal waiting for someone to home in on the signal. In rough terrain that can be hard to do. And the terrain can distort the signal giving a false location.