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31st Jul 2015, 22:44
I've got 6k arriving in the old loot box shortly, got nothing else to do with it so wondered about doing my FI rating. I'm not an airline wannabe, I'm 59 and semi retired. I have around 100 hours gliding with a silver and 300 powered with a night and IR(R) plus wobbly and retract differences. I also have a long aviation background having been an aircraft tech for twenty odd years.

I've obviously looked at various courses but they are always optimistic on price in my experience. I'm still fit and academically sharp (I teach) and do enjoy getting the best out of people.

I was wondering what a real life ball park figure would be, say within 2k assuming of course that I'm the mythical 'normal' student?

1st Aug 2015, 21:03
I'm a bit out of touch but I think you need 200 hours SEP PIC to start FIC on a PPL. I would think that a FI would be closer to the mark for the course. Apart from that, your experience sounds like a good basis. Have you considered microlighting? Good luck.

2nd Aug 2015, 02:53
Thanks for the reply. I have the requisite pic hours to do the course. I've never flown a microlight so would rather stay with something I know at least a little about and various instructors at a couple of SEP clubs I fly from have asked me over a period of time if I've ever considered doing it, so I'm guessing they may think I might be reasonable at it.

The money isnt an object really, it's finding somewhere that can fit it around my time off. I know it sounds bonkers as I get 16 weeks off a year and only work three days week but I spend a fair time in Oz (I'm there at the moment) so I'm stuck to two or three week gaps

Still if you turn up waving 20 pound notes I guess people maybe could be flexible...

2nd Aug 2015, 07:26
You could do what I did, that's to do the CFI course first, to see if this right seat flying is for you. I think it's 3 hours flying and 25 hours ground school, plus a test. I found it a good basis for the FI course, which I did 7 months later. I think I got a credit for the 25 hours, but don't quote me! I'm not sure where we are on 'demonstrate CPL theoretical knowledge'. I'd gone down the route of an unrestricted BCPL in the 1980's, later upgraded to CPL at 700 hours so was good to go with the TK.

You MIGHT get some work doing checkouts and 2nd year revals at a busy school as a CRI, but if you regard it as a pre-course taster it might help you a lot deciding if you're going to make it all the way.

The FI course was the hardest bit of flying I've ever done, but therefore the most rewarding.


3rd Aug 2015, 00:16
Yes I've considered the CRI path, just one of options I'm juggling!