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20th Jul 2015, 20:41
Hello all,

Id like to know if after removing completely in an A319 one wing tip fence , the penalty for take off and landing .
If theres penalty , to which data ive to substract , to the Maximum Structural TOW ?
How is affecting one winglet operation in an engine failure?
If there any Airbus support or reference we can check personally ?
Does anybody has the CDL for A319 , not for the 320 family?
Thank you.

20th Jul 2015, 20:43
And last question , is possible to remove both wing tip fences to balance the airflow ?

20th Jul 2015, 21:39
From A319 CFM CDL 57-01 Wing Tip Fence

One may be missing provided exposed interior structure is covered, protective material is inspected before each flight and replaced if necessary.


Take off and approach climb limiting weights are reduced by 10080kg (22223lbs)
En route performance limiting weight is reduced by 756kg (1667lbs)
Fuel consumption is increased by 1.69%

Caveat emptor!


20th Jul 2015, 21:40
For one fence removed on a 319

Takeoff and approach climb performance limiting weights are reduced by 10 080 kg (22 223 lb)
En-route performance limiting weight is reduced by 756 kg (1 667 lb)
Fuel consumption is increased by 1.69 %.

Sorry we crossed

20th Jul 2015, 23:01
When you say limiting with 10.000 kgs less , to which data we have to substract ,to the general rtow A320 family ,to the MTOW A 319 (lets say 64500 kgs ), or an especific RTOW for the A319 to an especific runway?

Whats the reason for such reduction , engine failure? ,estructural stress? ..

21st Jul 2015, 11:40
Drag increase and subsequent performance decrease.....

Whatever your performance limited TOW is on the day for your flight no matter what method your company uses you have to then reduce that by 10,080 kg.

In ours we simply input the CDL code into our ACARS TO PERF calculations and it takes care of the calculations/corrections/penalties and gives me the figures.:ok:

PERF Limited TOW, FLEX, CONFIG, VMCG, V1 VR V2 etc etc