View Full Version : Location of Boeing 777 cockpit safety belt

29th Jun 2015, 22:22
I am a journalist investigating the MH17 shot down.
Can someone explain me the location of the round buckle part of the safety belt of a Boeing 777 cockpit seat?
I know there is a strap running over each shoulder. Then there are two straps on the side of the seat.
I guess one of the straps on the side has a round buckle to connect the other three straps?

Where on the body is the round black buckle roughly located when the safety belt is on?

29th Jun 2015, 22:39
somewhere close to the navel, or below. If you do a google image search for pilot harness you'll get a better picture for your research than if you're looking for "safety belt"

29th Jun 2015, 22:52
thx for the reply. Do pilots generally speaking have their safety belts on during cruise?

29th Jun 2015, 23:16
In cruise belts yes, harness not usually.

29th Jun 2015, 23:26
harnass are the straps running over the shoulder I guess?

30th Jun 2015, 08:56
Standard 5 point harness.

Round black buckle is basically over your private parts if done up correctly.

The negative G strap/crotch strap ( on the bottom ) is the 5th and it stops the buckle riding up too high...

And I suppose stops you sliding under the harness?

30th Jun 2015, 21:59
Ouch. I'll go with the first option :eek:

Willit Run
1st Jul 2015, 05:41
Ouch. I'll go with the first option :eek:

The center strap, also known as a "anti submersion" belt,is very critical in a crash. It keeps your spine from collapsing in a high "G" impact.

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