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Orca strait
12th Jun 2002, 16:05
Suspect eluded police for 30 years

Wednesday, June 12, 2002 (National Post)
TORONTO -- An American man who hijacked an Air Canada airplane in 1971 was sentenced to three years in jail Wednesday, 30 years after the only successful hijacking in Canadian history.
Patrick Critton, 54, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and extortion following a dramatic capture three decades after eluding police. Police had been after Critton in the United States for an armed robbery that led to a shootout in 1971.
Months later, on Boxing Day, he hijacked an Air Canada flight from Thunder Bay, Ont., to Toronto, allowed the passengers off the plane, and then forced the crew to fly him to Cuba.
Even after spending time in a Cuban jail, he faced charges in Canada but authorities couldn't find him.
It was just over a year ago when Peel Region police Const. Donald Jorgensen stumbled across the first clue that would lead to Critton's arrest.
After searching for Critton's name using the popular search engine google.com, Jorgensen found a newspaper article that suggested the hijacker could be in New York.
With Critton's name, date of birth, social insurance number and a few other facts, he contacted a detective in New York and asked him to do preliminary checks on the Critton who was written up in the article.
Months later, Critton was arrested and admitted he had hijacked the plane.
He was extradited to face the Canadian charges in connection with the hijacking but was never charged in the United States for the 1971 robbery.
Critton's lawyer was seeking a sentence of three to six years while the Crown recommended a sentence of 10 to 12 years.

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12th Jun 2002, 16:57
3 years for hijacking?

Any hijacking should have a mandatory sentence of forced abortion with retroactive force.

Show no mercy to the scumbags.:eek:

13th Jun 2002, 00:05
The news here is that due to the time lapse, the fact that he has seen the light, lived an exemplary life, got religion, made Jesus his personal saviour - take your pick, the man will actually spend six months behind bars. :mad:

13th Jun 2002, 01:00

You guys are too easy on the vermin.

Would the Canadians forgive Osama after a few days/weeks/months/years just because he was not caught earlier?

Or O.J. Simpson?

Aye, too many bleeding hearth liberals running around feeling sorry for the scum, not for the victims.

(Not ya Mr. Pig, I am sure we are on the same frequency)

13th Jun 2002, 01:10
Hmm ... Canada, early 1970s, unlawful detention at gunpoint,
flight to Cuba, subsequent relocation to a country with a more
comfortable standard of living, after many years a trial back
in Canada with a chance for justice ...

all ending up in a negligible sentence :(

Could Canadians have seen this coming? Why yes, it all
happened to the FLQ kidnappers of James Cross. I don't know
if that answers your question TowerDog.

Critton's sentence is not especially lenient by Canadian
standards. The max sentence for Cross's kidnappers, who
were supposedly "permanently exiled", was 2 years.

13th Jun 2002, 01:48
With Canada's virtually open border policy with the rest of the world, I think we have no alternative but to impose strict border controls with Canada. We have enough vermin in the country now thanks to the idiots at Immigration and Justice. We don't need even more thanks to lax and PC Canadian policy.

13th Jun 2002, 03:23
'Dog, ya got that right. They'd probably welcome the b*****d with open arms and put him on welfare. Part of his family used to live very quietly in Oakville, just down the pike from Toronto. Dunno whether they still do. Heard some more members of his family were allowed to slip quietly outta the US post 9-11.:(

13th Jun 2002, 11:35
I think we have no alternative but to impose strict border controls with Canada.

You know Roadtrip, in this case I would agree... We have to make sure American criminals stay in the U.S. and out of Canada. After all, take a look at this guy's background:

Patrick Critton, a 54-year old U.S. citizen...

He was a young black man raised in a tough Harlem neighbourhood of New York...

At the time of the hijacking, Mr. Critton belonged to a Black Panther splinter group known as the Republic of New Africa. He mistakenly thought U.S. authorities were seeking him in connection with three bank robberies.

Mr. Critton operated a bomb factory for the group...

In the early 1990s, he received a valid U.S. passport...

Teacher gets 5 years for 1971 hijacking (http://www.globeandmail.com/servlet/GIS.Servlets.HTMLTemplate?tf=tgam/common/SearchFullStoryPrint.html&cf=tgam/common/GenericSearch.cfg&configFileLoc=tgam/config&encoded_keywords=critton&option=&current_row=1&start_row=1&num_rows=1&search_results_start=1)

13th Jun 2002, 16:30
Absolutely right CD. Willy nilly movement across borders has to stop. Liberals have emasculated the intelligence, survellience, and law enforcement services in the US. That also has to stop.

18th Jun 2002, 11:24
Yet another reason to close the border to Americans with guns...

Shooting spree in Grimsby, Ont., prompts questions about border security

The gun used on Friday to kill three generations of the Cruse family of Grimsby - Shannon, 23, her six-year-old daughter and both of her parents - came undetected across the border from the United States...

Police have said Peter Kiss of Milwaukee, Wis., likely brought the .45-calibre Glock semi-automatic pistol used in the shootings across the border at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, Ont.

About half of the handguns recovered from crimes in Canadian cities have come illegally from the United States...

"This case really does reinforce the fact that American guns are a threat to Canadians."

"We need to ensure that there is rigorous screening of people to ensure that people who are a threat to Canada are not admitted,"

Shooting spree in Grimsby, Ont., prompts questions about border security (http://www.canada.com/news/story.asp?id={3A7C028B-C9EF-4121-BA3A-EFA89B71868D})

Freak On A Leash
18th Jun 2002, 16:09
C`mon guys, this ain`t so bad... he could have flown it to Norway...

In the local news this morning; An Aeroflot Tu-154 was in 1993 hijacked by 2 Iranian nationals and diverted to Oslo (ENGM).

To make a long story short the Iranians were extradited to Russia to receive their due punishment, but alas they escaped 5 years later and fled to.... you guessed it... NORWAY!!!:eek: where they now have been granted political assylum on grounds that they face a possible death penalty if they are deported back to Iran:mad: :confused: :mad:

This just p****es me off!!!It would be another story if they, on a humanitarian basis, needed assylum, but these people are hijackers and refugees.So what kind of message is this from the Norwegian government?"Take the next plane to Oslo - doesn`t matter if it`s scheduled for Oslo, you`ll figure something out inflight if the destination doesn`t suit you.Just wait for a few years and we`ll grant you assylum.Background?What background?"