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18th May 2015, 02:17
With a dual FMGC reset, can the EGPWS still provide data on ND?

18th May 2015, 06:02
EGPWS installations have thier own GPS antenna and don't rely on aircraft-supplied nav info.

18th May 2015, 07:34
Oooh mmmmm, not as simple as that I'd say ( with regards to AIRBUS anyway )

On the ground with "Map not available" you cannot select Terrain.......( at least I think so )

Dual FMC failure ( Dual latch ) in the Air you see "Map not available" until backup Nav is selected.

Try it in the Sim and see if you can display Terrain in Backup NAV.

18th May 2015, 11:14
Hi, yes you will. The position for the TAWS functions is independent of the FM. This architecture allows you to fly extraction procedures during RNP-AR approaches in case of major FM malfunctions.