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11th May 2015, 09:05
Good morning guys,

for sure somebody knows better than me......
no very probable scenarios, but sometime luck is looking in an other direction....

scenario 1: eng 2 fail idg 1 fail
scenario 2: emergency generator driven by RAT.

In both cases during the approach you can not extend flaps. So final configuration will be slat 3/flap 0.
How can I calculate the landing distance and delta Vref?

Any ideas? Do you have to make a doble failure calculation emer conf + flap failure.
I'm using only the qrh tables.

Thanks in advance

12th May 2015, 09:21
Scenario 1: I assume APU inop, right? and why would you lose the flaps? u still have number 1 green EDP.

Scenario 2: I'd say yes, you have to do the multiple failure calculation. Apparently, Airbus says it is so unlikely that you have an ELEC EMER without at least one EDP that that scenario it is not covered in the summary, and since in the performance there is no difference between the EDP and no EDP cases, I guess they did the same for the performance.

12th May 2015, 22:28
Thanks for your reply.

Scenario 1: no apu - I tried in the simulator and its reported also in fcom. With eng 2/idg 1 inop flaps are inop.

Scenario 2: maybe you are right and for sure this scenario is not very probable, but I don't think landing distance is the same with slat 3/flap 0 or slat 3/flap 3.

12th May 2015, 23:10
Our QRH has a section for dealing with multiple failures, with a flow chart to take you through. Although the QRH is airline specific, the info is Airbus released as was the traning video that accompanied the changes.
The speed is usually to use the highest delta ref., the LD is a bit more complicated.

13th May 2015, 04:37
Thanks for your reply

Also in my qrh we can do multiple failure calculation.
Aib uses multiple calculation for 2 or more independent failures.
Es. Prim 1 + dc2 fault or g hyd + wing anti ice etc.
If you use double hyd fault (or other malfunctions) it'll take care of all inop systems and you don't (should) use any other inop system failure.