View Full Version : How has this affected BY?

9th Oct 2001, 17:44
Wondered if anyone could shed some light on how recent events have affected By and other charter companies. Especially from a pilots point of view? Have you noticed numbers being down or heard any gossip. Trying to get some sort of picture as to whether they will offer me my job back at any time or if I shall I just move on.

MAX :(

9th Oct 2001, 19:33

I think that the answer is nobody really knows (except for a couple of "experts" on this site), so wait and see what develops. The plus point with Britannia or should I now say "Tannia und Ivan" is that the pilot age profile is mature so as retirements have now started they will have to be recruiting for the forseeable future. Once you are on the bottom of the system you should move up fairly swiftly.

Hope something works out for you soon.

9th Oct 2001, 21:12

I think we'll have a pretty good idea early in the New Year when the Tour Operators can assess their bookings.

Until then it's 'batten down the hatches' and preserve cash as much as possible.

Good luck.

Lets do it INVERTED
10th Oct 2001, 00:19

No worries mate, Iam in the same boat as you! Hopefully the situation will sort itself out and we'll be back with them. I've been told 6 mts to a year but depends on what happens in Afghanistan I suppose?

10th Oct 2001, 01:42
I can do 6 months on my head but would like think in a year Id be movin' on. Haven't had any indication from the company itself but had speculated on half a year at least. Worst part is the not knowing where your future is going. Don't you agree?

MAX :(

10th Oct 2001, 20:07

Haven't seen anything but full loads at BY for the last month, doesn't mean that'll continue but I guess it does mean that the travelling public aren't too concerned at the mo. Mind you, they have already paid out for their holiday.

For what it's worth, I stuck it out for 18 months in the hold pool and am very glad I did, it's a good place to work and contrary to popular belief outside the company, quite a good laugh ;-)

Good luck.

10th Oct 2001, 20:39
They have announced 300 redundancies in support staff - but that was more to do with TUI rather than 11th oct. No recruitment of crew or any other post at present. Temporary cc laid off on 1st Nov with no indication of coming back.
Loads are much the same as usual, but believe one of the few lomghaul destinations this winter has been dropped.
Haj might be happening, along with cruise ship work in the winter.

Saving grace seems to have been last years decision to pull out of most longhaul destinations. Unpopular at the time - but we are still in a job !

Hope this helps.