View Full Version : Engine Fire at Isle of Man

Whispering Giant
10th Jun 2002, 17:38
Just heard that Ronaldsway is closed due to Atlantic airway's fairchild metro diverting in there with a engine shut down due to a engine fire !

10th Jun 2002, 19:45
Nope, not closed, not diverting, not an engine fire.

10th Jun 2002, 22:27
Whispering Giant,

I got all excited for a moment, then realised that it was just my wishful thinking!

Somebody should just torch that god forsaken rock, and put everyone out of their misery!

Foul place, full of inbreds!

11th Jun 2002, 07:28
Nice articulate post AOG, not alittle bitter are we.
Paying too much Income Tax perhaps........